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Training Diet for You..

Diets don’t work. There’s a greasy hamburger available on every street corner.So what’s a man to do when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off? Relax.

You can lose weight and feel better simply by making lifestyle changes. There’s not a bunch of stuff to memorize. There’s no calculation of portion sizes. It’s a matter of taking simple steps-over and over again, day after day. Here are some tips and ideas to help you attain a proper diet for training up your muscles faster and staying fit.

1. Keep in mind that when one of the tips below says to “give up” a certain food it does not mean to never let it touch your lips again. It means for the most part, give up that food. It you’re craving bacon find a way to have one slice, one time.
2. Never eat more than three ounces of red meat at any one meal, no matter how lean it is. If you’re at a restaurant,ask for a portion that size.
3. Always keep fresh fruits and vegetable handy. If you’ll be home a lot, have a good variety ready.
4. Never eat food in its original container. Portion it and eat it in a dish. That way, you really know what’s going in your mouth.
5. Learn to waste food. If you’re served too much, learn to throw it away. Whether you eat it or toss it has not affect on people starving in other countries. Tossing it is not “wasting money”. Overeating and then spending money on medical bills for heart disease is a waste of money.
6. Get a calorie-counting book, and sit down with pen and paper. Make a list of all the foods you’re going to give up. Start with foods you’re going to give up. Start with foods you hate. Then list other things you truly can live without. Then make a list of foods you love that you’ll target giving up. Set a deadline. There are thousands of foods. Giving up a few-even-dozens-won’t hurt you.
7. Become a vegetarian.
8. Avoid people who try to force big portion of food on you, even if it’s well meaning relatives.
9. Reduce or eliminate eating foods that contain mostly, of quite a bit of, refined sugar and mind loses the artificial desire for sweets, natural sugar (such a fruit) will taste better to you.
10. All Chinese food is not light, because it has a lot of rice. Find the Chinese take out place that is the healthiest.


1. Skip to skim. If you drink whole milk, switch to two percent for a month, then spend a month on one percent, then switch to skim. Don’t cheat. Soon whole milk will taste like mouthful of butter.
2. Give up bacon and sausage and whole eggs.
3. Give up syrup.
4. Don’t like the taste of fruits or yogurt with coffee? Eat your bread or cereal with coffee, wait awhile and have fruit of yogurt for a midmorning snack.
5. Don’t skip breakfast.
6. Reduce your caffeine intake, and don’t gulp caffeinated coffee on an empty stomach. It’s an appetite stimulant.
7. If you have a long car commute, take fresh fruits with you.
8. Don’t eat muffin anywhere unless you make a low-fat version yourself.
9. Love ready-to-eat cereal but stuck on choc-chums? Leave the kid stuff alone. Explore the cereal aisle a little better.
10. Don’t gobble fat free doughnuts or other pastries for breakfast. Get used to eating simpler plainer fare in the morning.
11. Tell yourself the workplace vending machines are off-limits to you.
12. Make this your mantra at your favorite coffee machine.


1. Work out at the gym for lunch (or take a brisk walk), then eat your food at your desk while you do paperwork.
2. Try an extra light lunch, and have a protein drink and fruit in mid-afternoon. This is great if you work out after work.
3. Don’t let co-workers tease you about losing weight, even if you’re already slim and “don’t need to lose weight”.
4. Be mouthy when it comes to choosing the restaurant. Know the places that have lots of healthy choices. If co-workers can’t decide where to go, offer up your list.
5. If you by food from a vendor’s cart at work, ask if the sandwiches are low-fat. If they serve chicken and salad every day, tell the worker to tell the manager to try healthy alternatives.

Lunch and Dinner:

1. Spread your food intake throughout the day. Too many people eat most of their food at dinner-which is about four or five hours before the most sedentary time of day.
2. Fill up on non-buttered or sauced breads, rice and pasta as much as possible. It’ll give you less room for fat and less desire for dessert.
3. Most fast food places have a display holding flyers that list calorie content. Take one until you have a collection. Read them. You might be surprised.
4. It isn’t food if you have make a special order without the sauce. So do this, order the smallest chicken sandwich of the child size hamburger. Scrape off mayonnaise based sauces. But go ahead and enjoy the pickle.
5. Refuse to order a soft drink at a fast food place that does not server a diet cola.
6. Get used to eating meals with plain water.
7. Give up French fries, onion rings.
8. Remember that a salad from a salad bar is only what you make it. If you ladle on the full-fat dressing, you might as well have eaten pizza.


1. If a happy hour event occurs before dinner and you’re hungry arrive late and leave early. If you don’t resist, limit yourself to one type of food, such as fire crackers.
2. Don’t like to cook, or think healthy cooking takes a lot of time, spend an hour in a good, large bookstore. There are kinds of cookbooks that offer low-fat meals you can easily make easily-even with processed foods. There are even cookbooks with recipes that have no more than three
3. Ban butter, regular margarine and regular sour cream. They are heart stoppers you don’t need.
4. Learn to make a pizza crust. Start a tradition with family and friends where you custom make a pizza with all kinds of healthy toppings.

Practical Diets With Free Online Weight Loss Diet Plans

By Anthony Thedford

Due to the ever complicated economy nowadays, people tend to live just to make a living for the next day. One wakes up in the morning, prepares for work, goes to work and then returns home and even finishes the unfinished office works at home. Every single day, the one goes through the same routine and not thinking how these work loads tremendously affect one's health. Studies have shown that people who tend to devote much of their time in their offices sitting and fronting their computer screens have the tendency to gain weight more than those who are constantly on and off the field. It seems to be hard to avail also of weight loss programs since they are confined to their work cubicles and their pc. For all these concerns, the free online weight loss diet plans seem to be the solution.
As much as you would like to trim down your weight, weight loss diet plans can be a bit stressful especially if you follow a tight work schedule and you don't have the luxury of time to do the personal consultations regarding your diet. At present, the online technology has contributed greatly to make these things possible and has allowed many to be able to have their diet consultation there. Free online weight loss diet plans can now be acquired and followed in the net such that you need not have face to face consultations to be able to stay connected with your nutrition experts anywhere and anytime even while you are in your office.
There are a number of companies that provide these dietary plans and consultations and some of these charges for a certain fee while others are without charge. Free online weight loss diet plans are great for people with highly mobile lifestyles as well, such as those that are in and out of the field, as it becomes more difficult to keep track with your diet and get in touch with your diet professionals. With the online diet plans, you are certain that even while you travel for say a week or two; you don't get to mess up with your diet.
Anywhere as long as you can get connected to the net, you are rest assured that you get to follow the planned approach for you to lose weight. These diet plans are also good for those who have nothing to spend in order to have a reduction in their weights. Like most diet plan companies, those that are provided online also develop weight loss approach that is practical. They also allow you to choose from food plans and they also provide you with the proper exercise routines to perform and guide you in order to live and sustain the diet plan you have chosen.
Anthony Thedford has been writing information articles for years. For more information on weight loss, please visit our website at

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Lose weight on carb-packed 'big breakfast'

NEW YORK -- To lose weight and keep it off, eat a big breakfast packed with carbohydrates and protein, then follow a low-carb, low-calorie diet the rest of the day, a small study suggests.
The "big breakfast" diet works, researchers say, because it controls appetite and satisfies cravings for sweets and starches. It's also healthier than popular low-carb diets because it allows people to eat more fiber- and vitamin-rich fruit, according to Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz, of the Hospital de Clinicas in Caracas, Venezuela.
She told the Endocrine Society's annual meeting in San Francisco that she's successfully used this diet in her patients for more than 15 years.
"Most weight loss studies have determined that a very low carbohydrate diet is not a good method to reduce weight," Jakubowicz noted in a written statement issued by the Endocrine Society. "It exacerbates the craving for carbohydrates and slows metabolism. As a result, after a short period of weight loss, there is a quick return to obesity."
With scientists from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Jakubowicz and her colleagues compared their high-carb and protein "big breakfast" diet with a strict low-carb diet in 94 obese, sedentary women. Both diets were low in fat and total calories but differed markedly in their carbohydrate content.
The 46 women on the very-low-carb diet consumed 1,085 calories a day, consisting of 17 grams of carbohydrates, 51 grams of protein and 78 grams of fat. The smallest meal was breakfast, at 290 calories. For breakfast, the low-carb dieters were allowed only 7 grams of carbohydrates, such as bread, fruit, cereal and milk, and they could eat just 12 grams of protein, such as meat and eggs, in the morning.
In contrast, the 48 women on the "big breakfast diet" consumed 1,240 calories a day. Although lower in total fat (46 grams) than the other diet, the big breakfast diet had higher daily allotments of carbs (97 grams) and protein (93 grams). Dieters ate a 610-calorie breakfast, consisting of 58 grams of carbs, 47 grams of protein and 22 fat grams.
For lunch, they got 395 calories, made up of 34 grams of carbs, 28 grams of protein and 13 grams of fat. Dinner -- the smallest meal of the day -- was made up of 235 calories (5, 18 and 26 grams of carbs, protein, and fat, respectively).
At four months, there was no significant weight-loss difference between the two diet groups. Women on the strict low-carb diet shed an average of about 28 pounds, while women on the big breakfast diet lost nearly 23 pounds, on average.
But at eight months, the low-carb dieters regained an average of 18 pounds, while the big breakfast dieters continued to lose weight, shedding another 16.5 pounds.
Those on the big breakfast diet lost more than 21 percent of their body weight, compared with just 4.5 percent for the low-carb group.
And according to Jakubowicz, women who ate a big breakfast reported feeling less hungry, especially before lunch, and having fewer cravings for carbs than women on the low-carb diet.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

need a diet recommendation

Hi, I am interested in finding a diet to help me. Here's a bit about me: 26 y/o female, married, no kids, height 5'8", current weight 179 lbs. A year ago I weighed 160, so needless to say, this weight went on sorta fast! I am trying to join the army, and for my height my maximum allowable weight is 149 lbs. But, if you are above that, the maximum body fat allowance is 32%. The last time my recruiter measured me, I was just a little over 32%. We used their computer program to find out how much weight I need to lose to be under 32. I can weigh absolutely no more than 171. So, do you know of any diets that will help me lose around 10 pounds quickly, but safely? And it needs to be weight that stays off, because before I actually leave for boot camp they'll measure me again. Thanks

Dear Nique,
At first, I hope your dreams come true.
After having read your message, I really felt envy at your thoughts and wanted to help you lose weight quickly.
If you are trying to lose weight, aim to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. If you are able to attain your goal, you would get the excitement to go on your plan. Sometimes it¡¯s little things that count the most when working toward your goals. But as per your status, you should go on a strict diets and work out hardly to lose weight quickly.
The combination of diet and exercise is a faster way to lose weight. Exercise will firm the muscles and diet will help you lose extra weight and flab. But it depends on the person¡¯s body and how strict his diet. A strict diet could make you lose 3kgs in a week.
My experience to lose weight should be fit you as well.So I would like to recommend my suggestions, though these may help you lot:
The available recipes are water and vegetables and fruits and proper sports and a strict partner.
1. The vegetables and fruits include papaya, mealie, kelp, carrot, green cucumber, tomato, apple, pear, banana and so on. Remark, eating different kind of vegetables or fruits each day, you can go on your diet easily and everlastingly.
2. The available sports are Yoga. You know, the people who practice yoga have perfect figure. If you are interesting in it, I could give you some suggestions about yoga practice.
3. A strict partner can support you going on your diet strictly.
4. The foremost austerity is persistence.
Now, I would like to share my experience with you.
First of all, I had a nice partner. We restricted each other going on the diet strictly.
1. Getting up early in the morning, we drank a glass of water before any action. It could help you clean your inside.
2. We had a 20-30 minutes¡¯ quick walk to office instead of bus in the morning. It is available to burn your calories to have a quick walk without eating anything in the morning.
3. After arriving at office and having a rest, we drank a glass of milk and ate 2 pieces of biscuit as our breakfast. Remark, you must have breakfast. If not, you could feel too hungry to go on your diet.
4. Between breakfast and lunch, we drank 3 glasses of water and eat little raw vegetables or fruits. It is available to relieve your hunger. If you still feel hungry, you can eat a piece of sweet. Just only one piece.
5. Before lunch, we drank a bottle of yoghurt. And then we ate a little vegetables or fruits as our lunch. We would eat a few peanut as our lunch too. Remark, it could make you feel full drinking a bottle of yoghurt before each meal. Drinking much water, you eat peanut, feeling full.
6. Between lunch and knocking off, we drank 3 glasses of water and eat little raw vegetables or fruits to relieve our hunger.
7. Knocking off, we had another 20-30 minutes quick walk to home. It is available for weight loss having proper exercises at dusk with hunger.
8. We just drank a little soup or ate a little vegetables or fruits as our supper. Remark, drink one or two glasses of water and don¡¯t eat anything in at least 3 hours before bedtime. You will sleep easier and your body will be re-energizing itself rather than digesting a meal.
My suggestions:
1. Keep a food diary. This is one of the best ways to ¡°interrupt¡± habitual binging and food addictions. After having gone on your diet for 3-4 days, you can feel better and easier to continue. Therefore go on your diet strictly in the first week.
2. Try to achieve your goal of weight loss in 1~2 months. It could make you possess confidence in this field.
3. Have 5 meals instead of 3 meals every day. Chew your food 10-20 times. You feel more full with less food and it aids digestion.
4. Eat more fruits and drink less fruit juice.
5. Don¡¯t drink any carbonated drinks and don¡¯t eat any ice cream during your diet.
6. If you don¡¯t feel hungry, don¡¯t remind you of the time to have a meal.
7. Drink a glass of water before each meal. It will fill you up.
8. Don¡¯t trial too many diet pills, it would cost you more and be dangerous for your body.
9. Exercise first thing in the morning. There is more chance of you putting it off, or something getting in the way if you exercise later on. Attentively, proper sports could perfect your figures, strong sports could strengthen your muscle.
10. If you can¡¯t find a strict partner, you can treat me as your companion, feeling free to tell me how about your diet. It is my honor to interact with you in this field. I would try my best to give you more suggestions and share my experience and accompany you going on the diet. My e-mail address:,
Weight loss is just an uphill battle. You have got to keep on fighting. You must figure out why you lose the battles you lose and pray like hell you win the war.
O.K. If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to me.
Best wishes,
Sally Fan

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lose Weight Fast Tips: How to Lose Weight within a Month or Less

Weight loss doesn’t have to be long and hard. In fact, people make weight loss hard for themselves by going the wrong way. They try to lose weight very fast by making drastic changes in their lifestyle habits, and it is no wonder that their body cannot adjust itself to the sudden and rapid changes and the fat loss process is eventually stalled. I will tell you of a simple weight loss plan, which if you implement right now, would help you lose weight within four weeks or less!

When it comes to weight loss, the key is to take things easy, and start making small changes in your lifestyle, so that your body is able to adjust itself to them.

So here is what you need to do each week with these simple lose weight fast tips:

1. 1st Week: The first week is crucial for any obese individual. You have most probably lived a sedentary life until now but that is about to change. You need to add some exercises in your daily routine. If you are a busy professional who has no time to hit the gym, why not take to walking? A simple, fifteen-minute walk everyday can do wonders for you! You need to spend only fifteen minutes on it, but you must do it daily!

2.2nd Week: Okay, on the second week, it is time to change your food habits. No, you don’t need to search for a diet plan! Here is what you need to do: if you snack on chips and cakes then replace them with natural fruits. Each time you feel like snacking, it should be either a natural fruit or a raw vegetable for you! Don’t forget walking everyday! That is what you started your first week with, and you need to do it everyday, as long as you don’t manage to lose weight.

So by the second week you have added some natural fruits to your diet apart from walking daily!

3. 3rd Week: This is the time for portion control - I mean, reducing your food intake. For best results, buy plates that are a quarter size smaller than what you usually use, and then fill those small plates to the full. The trick is to fool your eyes and brain into believing that you are eating a full meal even when you aren’t!

Or you can also try taking a quarter of the food away from your plate!

Starting from this week, you will notice some visible changes to your waist size: your clothes would start getting looser. This means that the process of weight loss has already begun taking place! See how easy it is! Oh wait, you have another week to go before you successfully lose weight.

4.4th Week: On the fourth week, you must add some more activities to your daily routine. Stop using the car and start walking whenever feasible. If you use a bus to commute to your office, get off a few blocks away so that you can walk the rest of the distance. Forget about using the elevator; taking to the stairs is a great way of burning the extra fat quickly!.

And of course, you also need to remove the junk and fatty foods from your diet. You can no longer afford to eat them if you aim to lose weight!

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How To Get a Flat Tummy: Proven Weight Loss Tips

Everyone wants to lose weight and gain back the slim figure that they used to have at one point of time, but most don’t know how to achieve their purpose. In this article I will share with you three natural weight loss tips that would give you very quick results with regard to weight loss and how to get a flat tummy.

1. Get soda out of your diet: Yeah I know that soda tastes good and you just cannot get over its taste. But if you want to lose weight fast, you need to forget about soda. Things like coffee, tea and soda are savored by many people and eventually they become addicted to them; but these drinks only hamper the weight loss process and make you fatter!

It is not easy to forget about something that you loved for so long, but you could surely cut down on your soda intake. Try drinking half of the amount of soda you would usually have, and then cut that down by half again. Continue cutting it down until you can get over it completely!

2. Slow eating is the way to weight loss success: Surely when your parents had told you to eat slowly, they had your digestion process in mind. Slow eating will no doubt facilitate quicker digestion. But did you know that slow eating can also help you with weight loss? Your brain takes at least twenty minutes to realize that your stomach is full. If you eat too fast you won’t give your brain the time to realize whether your stomach is full or not, until it is too late. Most people overeat because they eat too fast! If you eat slowly, you will be able to leave the dinner table quicker! Trust me, it works!

3. Eat small instead of large: When it comes to weight loss, you can no longer afford to eat three large meals a day and going hungry in-between. That is because you are sure to feel hungry very often and what better to eat than your favorite, delicious junk foods! You need to kill the very source of hunger, and eating small and frequent meals is the only way to do so.

Basically, all you need to do is to split your large meal into half. For example, if you eat three large meals currently, you should be eating six small meals. Frequent eating will ensure that you don’t get hungry too often so there is no scope for gorging on junk foods, and since you would be eating small meals, you won’t consume too many calories at a time and won’t gain weight either!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Free Online Weight Loss Help

For most people, weight loss is kind of an uncertain struggle with no end in sight. If you ask any obese person out there, you will realize that they regard any weight loss measure as temporary rather than permanent. And the reason behind it is that most people out there try to lose weight with the help of diet pills and supplements. We all know that diet pills don’t have the capability to offer you permanent weight loss. But there is no need to worry, because there are several natural ways to lose weight permanently and even keep it off! In this article we will discuss just that.

1. Changing your eating habits is the first step toward successful weight loss: Experts have varied opinions on what causes a person to gain weight but most of them almost always unanimously agree that it has got to do a lot with a person’s eating habits. In fact, your eating behavior is so closely related to your body weight that if only you change your food habits, you can achieve permanent weight loss! The best thing is to eat moderately and slowly!

Control your food portions either by measuring the amount of food you put on a plate or buying small plates; either way will serve your purpose. Plus you also need to be careful of “food triggers” that can force you to eat unnecessarily. Let’s say that you are very depressed and you go to your pantry at that time. Naturally you will feel a strong urge for food. You should avoid the kitchen whenever you are depressed, sad or stressed out! You should also make sure that you eat food only at the dinner table and nowhere else!

2. Drink water to achieve permanent weight loss: Another natural way to lose weight is by drinking a lot of water. Since almost 70% of our body is composed of water, it only makes sense to drink as much water as possible to keep it healthy. Most people don’t know about the many benefits of water and hence don’t drink enough water in a given day. Water not only helps with digestion; it also helps with weight loss by boosting your metabolic rate.

You should drink only plain, clean water. Contaminated water will do more harm than good to your body. Bottled water is best since it is filtered, but if that proves to be too expensive for you, you can install a good water filter in your home!

And here we come to our next section in free weight loss help tips: 3 Tips to Fast and Quick Fat Loss

So you want to lose weight easily but someone has told you that joining a weight loss boot camp is the only way to go? And perhaps you are afraid that you will never be able to lose weight, simply because you cannot afford to leave behind your family and job and head for the boot camp which would probably last for months, right? What if I tell you that you can do it yourself at home? Don’t believe me? In this article I am going to tell you how you can setup a weight loss camp at home!

1. Sleeping is absolutely necessary: Have you ever found someone who doesn’t sleep on time and still has managed to keep the slim figure? I have a rarely seen it! More often than not, those who laid-back attitude on sleep eventually become overweight, and there is a reason behind it. When you don’t give adequate rest to your brain, it makes you hungry too often and you end up stuffing your stomach with junk foods. If only you slept well, you would have been able to keep fit!

But all is not lost yet. You can still try to extend your sleeping hours. By doing so, you won’t feel hungry at odd times and then no one can keep you from succeeding in your weight loss goal! For your information, an average human being needs to sleep at least eight hours per day!

2. Make exercise your friend: Most obese people hate exercises! Guess what? They are seldom able to lose weight. Obviously, if you want to lose all the extra pounds and trim your fat belly, you must learn to make friendship with exercises. And if you want fast weight loss, then exercises are even more important. Exercises will help you burn fat at a rapid pace like no other thing can! It will boost your metabolism, burn fat and build muscles for you, thereby making your body fat-free and strong at the same time!

I would recommend that you spend at least half-an-hour on exercises. There are a lot of exercises out there but for fast weight loss, weight training is the best exercise you can have! You can burn a lot of fat even with a short duration of weight training!

3. Don’t eat before going to bed: There is no way to ensure that you won’t accumulate any more fat than what you have already! As a precaution, try not to eat within 3-4 hours of bedtime. If you do so, you are less likely to burn the extra calories that you have gotten from your foods and more likely to store them as fat, since your body won’t bother to burn the excess calories during the period of rest!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Aerobic/Fat burning zone myth and true fat burning exercise

Guaranteed Weight Loss - Eat These 3 Foods and You'll Lose Weight No Matter What Else You Do

By Jennifer Jolan

I don't care how much you weigh, what you eat, how much you exercise, or the amount of protein, carbs, and fats you eat... if you eat these 3 foods, you'll lose weight. I can guarantee you that if you follow the advice in the article, 98% of you will lose weight.
So if you truly want to lose weight, I have the answers.
I'm going to make this very simple for you. This is not hard, but you need to follow what I say. There is some flexibility, but follow the rules.
Here they are...
#1: Eat at Least 3-4 Scrambled Eggs Everyday
Eat as many scrambled eggs as you want. Each large egg is 70 calories and contains 6 grams of protein and 4.5 grams of fat. Basically, no carbs. The bear minimum I want you to eat is 3-4 scrambled eggs for breakfast. After that, you can eat more for lunch and dinner if you want... or you can eat whatever else you want.
But you must eat at least 3-4 scrambled eggs a day. Period!
#2: Eat At Least 1.5 Cans of Black Beans Everyday
You need to eat at least 1.5 cans of black beans each day. A 15-ounce can of black beans contains 25 grams of protein and 25 grams of fiber... and no sugar. Eat black beans with your eggs, eat them on top of a salad, or as a side dish with a lean meat. Whatever, just make sure you eat them at least 2 different times each day. Remember, eat 1.5 cans of black beans each day.
#3: Eat 1 Pound of Broccoli-Cauliflower Everyday
Simple, get frozen bags of broccoli or cauliflower... I prefer to use a combo bag. Steam them up and eat 1/2 of the bag for 1 meal and 1/2 for another meal. That's it.
Now, what else. There is nothing else. If you want to eat other bad foods with this, go ahead... just as long as you eat the 3 listed foods at the bare minimum levels.
This doesn't require much thinking...
1 bag of frozen broccoli/cauliflower costs about $1.
2 cans of black beans cost a total of 96 cents.
4 eggs cost about 48 cents total.
So you'll eat good for under $2.50 each day. Of course this won't be all that you eat, but it's the basis for a good weight loss diet. If you just eat the bare minimum of the foods I listed, I give you permission to also eat whatever else you want... and I'm pretty sure you'll lose weight.
Doesn't matter how much you weigh, how much or little you exercise, or anything else. Those foods are magical, so take advantage of them. They're also cheap, so you can't use that as an excuse.
So do me a favor. Eat those foods or I'll take my extra eggs and egg your house. Kidding... I'm just being sassy since it's Wednesday.
Jennifer Jolan is a popular weight loss consultant and author of the best selling "Ultimate Diet Guide" ebook. She has helped over 3,700 women with her intensive 1 on 1 email coaching.
If you're sick and tired of getting the same old boring and tired weight loss advice... you know, like "Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink 8 glasses of water, exercise more, and blah blah blah"... then you found the right person. I'll make weight loss easy and enjoyable for you... AND NOT BORING!
First, click to get your free 19-page report "How Spinning Around in a Circle Like a 4-year old Child will Skyrocket your Weight Loss Success".
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Third, with my advice, you won't starve, have to go to the gym ever, or basically do anything that is a hassle for your busy life.
Fourth... there is no fourth. Just enjoy the free report and my website.