Friday, February 15, 2008

Weight Loss Pills Scams - How You Can Avoid Them

By Anthony Voronoff

You're FAT! You need to lose weight! Why can't you stop eating? You need to go on a diet! You know who you are. You have heard it a million times. But...guess who else has heard it? Those companies whose products are lined up on shelves, claiming a quick fix to your negative body image which everyone seems to be willing to tell you.

What are you going to do? Succumb? Brow beat yourself? Or TAKE CONTROL! There is a lot of money in those diet pills, particularly directed towards the young people. What can you personally do to avoid being taken in by a con artist? Familiarize yourself with all the facts. "Just the facts, ma'am", so goes a movie line. Read the enclosed brochure on any diet pills being offered that catches your eye. Don't just read the first few paragraphs. They usually are a ploy or a bait and you won't want to read further. Yet, reading further may save you heartache in the future. After all, it is your health you are concerned about. Right?

Next...research...research...research. The Internet is there for a reason. So are the libraries. Don't take articles at face value or the TV commercials being promoted by individuals who claim to be doctors. They are in front of the camera strictly for the money being paid them. Would they misrepresent the truth? It is anyone's guess.

And...lastly...look at the side effects listed. Side effects are there for a dual purpose. First someone experienced them and second, to protect the companies promoting these diet pills. After all, if they weren't listing side effects and you experienced them, this matter could be before the legal courts.

By reading, researching and noting side effects, you are able to gather needed information in your quest for a healthier you. These pills should have been certified and that some sort of rating is on the package in a reading fashion. Proof that they work would also be in your favor. And be it known, it costs next to nothing to manufacture colorful sugar coated pills.

A quick fix to weight loss? Not really. Nothing a little movement and eating healthy foods wouldn't cure. Next time someone takes the time to offer unsolicited criticism, ask yourself how YOU feel. Stay away from quick fixes. Those quick fixes could be lasting fixes that you did not bargain for. And they may cost you more than those weight loss pills you paid for as you attempt to undo the damage with the help of the medical profession. Learn to like yourself for who you are and that neat "package" that you were given. If you feel the need for change, than change because YOU felt the need for change and not because some pill poppin' diet company says you have to change. After all, the reflection in the mirror on a daily basis is the real you. You are who you are and it is YOU that you want to impress.

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