Saturday, November 29, 2008

Does Your Guru Teach The Secret To Fat Loss?

Like with anything else, there is a right and wrong way to lose weight. As much as some weight loss “gurus” try to deny it, there absolutely is a right way to lose weight that will produce results each and every time.

The wrong way is more common but without a doubt, there is a right way that everyone should follow if they truly want to lose weight and stay healthy. As with anything else, it’s always advised to have your physician’s approval before starting any weight loss program for your particular situation.

Plain and simple? The right way to lose weight starts with the right mindset, the right diet and the right workouts. It may sound silly or dumb but having the right mindset is the first and largest step of any and all weigh loss programs. The right diet will ensure that you remain healthy and well-fed but you need to stick to the diet and away from certain foods.

Even if you hate working out, it is a large part of effective and healthy weight loss. Depending on your individual situation, it would be wise to either ask a professional in the fitness and nutrition industry or, at the very least, go and get a top quality reference source (book, ebook, etc.) to get info on what specific dieting differences you should focus on so you can customize your weight loss plan to work the best for you. Bottom line, the most important aspects of the right way to lose weight are the right mindset, the right diet and the right workouts.

Now that I’ve laid out the right way to lose weight, here is the worst, unhealthy way to do it: starving yourself of real meals while continuing to eat junk food or fast food or using diet pills and other supplements, avoiding working out completely, and thinking negatively about your weight loss efforts. Pretty much, those are the best ways to NOT lose weight.

If you’re doing those things now, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will not lose weight. Here’s why. Starving yourself of real meals is bad because your body needs certain nutrients, minerals and vitamins to function that you absolutely will not find in junk food or fast food.

By avoiding exercises and regular workouts, it will do you absolutely no good either because by exercising, your body is building up your metabolism, which directly affects your weight loss efforts and produces real results. Finally, by mentally defeating yourself when it comes to your weight loss program, you are absolutely not going to lose weight because thinking negatively will definitely stop yourself from succeeding whether or not you realize it.

There we have it: the right and wrong ways to lose weight. It’s plain and clear the differences between the two. I’m sure that once you’ve read about these differences, you’ll notice that almost 80% of the diets available now tend to lean towards the wrong way because they avoid or “lighten up” on one or more of the main points. It is crucially important that you maintain all three of the right ways to lose weight so effectively produce successful results.

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Friday, November 28, 2008

How to Lose Weight By Eating More

What if I told you that one of the keys to successful weight loss is…eating?

So many people that I talk with who are trying to lose weight typically start by eliminating meals altogether from their diets hoping to quickly lose weight.

The primary consensus is that if they don’t eat, they will lose weight.

Well let me tell you that this practice can actually have the opposite effect.

It’s true that if you don’t eat anything at all, eventually you will lose weight, but not until your body is actually convinced that it is in a starvation mode. The reason for this is that your body is a finely tuned and very smart “machine”. It has been carefully programmed over thousands of years of evolution to conserve your body fat in the unlikely event that you can’t eat. It is a primal survival mechanism that is intended to prevent starvation.

The key to losing weight is keeping your metabolism fired up. Your metabolism is your internal “engine” that controls the rate at which you burn calories.

When you skip meals or stop eating all together your body automatically begins to conserve calories. Therefore, it’s important that you eat continually throughout the day. Every 2 hours to be more specific. This doesn’t mean you want to go off on some kind of a binge. To the contrary, what foods you should eat and when is critical. This ensures you always keep your body guessing and your metabolism working at the highest rate. That, in turn, ensures that you continue to burn fat and lose weight.

The key is to eat smaller portions of the right foods throughout the day. What do I mean by the “right” foods? By right foods I mean those foods that contain good proteins and carbohydrates that are easily burned and converted to energy instead of fat. A few examples of this are certain fruits, vegetables, and nuts and seeds. Certain fruits and vegetables contain beneficial vitamins and enzymes and are converted to quick energy. The best foods for you are Organic foods, that do not contain pesticides or chemicals.

Try fixing yourself some cut up vegetables like celery, carrots and broccoli and eating them between breakfast and lunch and as a mid afternoon snack. Or have a cut-up apple, melon or some pineapple. You can also eat a handful of plain almonds instead.

Focus on eating smaller portions of the right foods, 5 times a day and eating healthy snacks in between meals. And try not to eat after 7:30 PM. Start with the fruits, vegetables and almonds. And mix them up.

One more thing, there are several bad carbohydrates, most of them contain refined sugar or flour of some type. Stay away from these foods! And don’t eat after 8 PM.

Stick to the good carbohydrates and proteins, eating them at the right times throughout the day, and you will be on your way to losing unwanted pounds and improving your overall health.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

How To Perform Proper Exercise To Fight Cellulite Condition

If you want an effective method to get rid of the fat that is trapped beneath your skin, there is a good news for you. There are some effective exercises for eliminating cellulite. The approaches can be of great help and has been proven to be effective in removing cottage cheese look caused by cellulite condition.

In general, cellulite affects only women, although some men could develop the same condition. Even stars and famous people can have the same cellulite problem as you, which explains why there are many beauty centers that teach their clients about effective exercises for cellulite. Once you have started to perform these exercises, you can stop worrying that you will not be able to wear your favorite skimpy beachwear because of the unsightliness of your skin that cellulite causes.

Common exercises for fighting cellulite

Cardiovascular exercise is a useful exercise for fighting cellulite, which includes activities such as jogging, swimming, and even walking. You may also want to try out anaerobic exercises to train your muscles around your hips, thighs as well as buttocks. Anaerobic exercises are effective exercise for fighting cellulite because they help your body to metabolize unwanted fat and thus prevent the build-up of cellulite. Rather than causing excessive fat, the exercise will actually convert fat into muscle tissue and promote cellulite free skin.

Another effective exercise to eliminate the fatty tissue responsible for cellulite on your thighs is to add lunges into your exercise routine. It is important to note that you should perform the exercise accurately to avoid injury. When you are performing a lunge, you should always remain in control and never let your knee to extend pass your toe. Also, you always want to keep your thigh at a ninety degree angle.

Another incredibly effective exercise to fight cellulite in the thigh area is the squat. As previously, it is very important to perform the exercise correctly to prevent potential injury. A ninety degree angle in the thighs and never extending the knees beyond the toes are essential. In addition, it is helpful to contract the muscles of the abdomen when performing this exercise to protect your lower back area.

These two exercises are extremely effective methods to help eliminate the fatty tissue that is responsible for the cellulite that all women distaste. However, in addition to these two, it is also important to train the inner thighs as well. You can achieve this by simply sitting on a chair and placing a pillow between your knees. Then you squeeze the pillow in one to two minute increments. As you squeeze the pillow between your thighs, you will contract the muscles of your inner thighs and it is an effective exercise to fight cellulite in this area.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Say Goodbye To Cellulite With Body Wraps And Kits

The mass of women in the world today suffer from cellulite; the awful ‘cottage cheese’ dimpling that sits on our thighs, hips and buttocks. Using bathing suit for cover-ups do an abundance of business because of this dimpling. It is a major problem that women have been trying to resolve for years. It is a cosmetic problem that women disgust and one which scientists need to find an answer.

There are surgeries, exercise programs, creams, lotions and also detoxifying tonics all professing to have the ultimate answer. And there are in addition cellulite body wraps and kits. And many of these wraps can be even being enjoyed in the privacy of your own home. They can help eliminate inches and cottage cheese from your body with one wrap. Although the results are temporary, but sometimes temporary is all we need for that big occasion where we need to be inches thinner or cottage cheese free. Cellulite body wraps and kits are not only cost effective and it gives great results.

Different Cellulite Surgeries

The surgeries for cellulite are enveloping methods of eliminating the problem of cellulite. Some of these surgeries are less invasive than others and thus causes less pain for the patient. Liposuction is one of the most commonly form of cellulite surgery. It is on the whole a body toning method for younger adults and should not be used for weight loss on older patients. This process involves making incisions on the cellulite areas and sucking out the fat deposits through a tube. Another cellulite surgery is focus on a lower body lift. This treatment is somehow similar to a face lift only it is performed on the lower half of the body.

This is a highly invasive surgery lifts a large area of skin on the lower body and tightens the lower body skin to get rid of cellulite. Mesotherapy is a relatively non-invasive form of cellulite surgery apart from for its injections into the cellulite areas. A custom made solution of natural substances is injected into these areas to rehydrate and disband the cellulite. Laser lipolisis is another modestly invasive cellulite surgery that involves making small incisions on certain body areas and using a fiber optic laser to eliminate the body fat.

The Risks

The risks implicated in a cellulite surgery all depends on the cellulite condition of the patient. The most general side effect of cellulite surgery is swelling and bruising. Some people only experience minimal swelling and bruising, while others may be more sensitive to bruising and the effects are more severe. But nevertheless a good cellulite surgery performed by a good cellulite specialist normally will results in an effective cellulite reduction. Of course there are always some accidents during any medical procedures that can further lead to infections and organ punctures.

The most stereotypical view of a cellulite machine is about the band, or other rotating object, that one to be puts around their hips and allows to vibrate, rub or otherwise oscillate in some fashion close to the offending areas. If one would just stop for a minute and think such a device, it is clear the idea is not to rub the cellulite away but rather change the condition of the skin in some fashion. As a result, such a cellulite machine in fact promotes circulation to the skin in the area.

This can do a number of things. It will help to promote new tissue growth, to reduce the amount of water and other fluids close to the skin and by and large improve the health of the skin. Promoting such a machine as a cellulite reducing machine is, therefore, deceptive as it is perhaps only a secondary result. Sorry to say, such machines may improve the concentration of cellulite in the area, in the short term, by pushing the fluids elsewhere. More likely, if such a machine is used consistently it may help improve the quality of the skin that is there and, as a result, over some amount of time may in fact reduce the amount of ripples and lumps of fat, water and old skin.

True Cellulite Reducing Machines

It is a recognized fact that truly toned muscles and skin hardly ever exhibit these unsightly lumps of cellulite that seem to stick to the rears of most of us. How often do you see the signs of cellulite on the rippling muscles of a runner or other athlete except when their condition has changed drastically in the short term? For that reason, a true cellulite reducing machine may be any of the weight machines that really tone the muscles in the areas of concern.

As you grow old you might need to combine these with some stimulation of the skin itself to help maintain skin health as well, but more likely, if the muscle itself is toned and there is a minimum of subcutaneous fat, then cellulite should not be a foremost issue for you to deal with. After all, having cellulite is not at all a medical condition.

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