Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rapid Weight Loss Ideas

By Ramakrishna Thinnavelli

The main treatment for obesity is to reduce body fat by eating fewer calories and exercising more.

1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Have a healthy meal in the morning to start your metabolism.
2. Vegetables have essential vitamins and nutrients for your healthy weight loss. Pair any vegetable with a protein to make a meal, or eat alone as a healthy snack
3. Maintenance of a good ratio between carbohydrates and lipids 4:1
4. Make sure that you eat five different types of fruit and vegetables every day. Every day also make sure that you eat at least one thing from each of the different food groups: Carbohydrates, Fruit and vegetables, Protein, Dairy, and Fats. Remember to eat the most fruit and vegetables, and the least fats.
5. Eat small, healthy meals frequently.
6. Keep in mind that you must still count your calories to be an effective weight loss plan. As a general rule, it is best to eat 5 smaller meals throughout the day.
7. You should be eating some healthy fats in your diet.
8. Protein is also essential for losing body fat. Protein is needed to repair your muscle tissue after working out.
9. Having fiber in your diet will help regulate your digestive system.
10. Too much salt gives you high blood pressure; a high fat diet will give you hard and narrow arteries that could lead to heart attacks and strokes, possibly even death.
11. Foods that are grilled are by definition, not cooked in oil or their own fat which means once cooked they retain little or no fat so are better for overall health.

12. Exercise requires energy (calories). Calories are stored in body fat. The body breaks down its fat stores in order to provide energy during prolonged aerobic exercise. The largest muscles in the body are the leg muscles, and naturally these burn the most calories, which make walking, running, and cycling among the most effective forms of exercise for reducing body fat.
13. You may find that you are more comfortable walking than any other form of exercise; however, try to improve the pace you walk at as your diet progresses, remembering that you will look better when your fat is converted into muscle.
14. You should be performing weight-bearing exercises twice a week to tone your muscles and cardio at least 3 days a week to burn off your body fat. Exercise is absolutely essential for having a flat stomach.

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