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Calorie You Need..

Everyone burns calories at their own pace. This is because every one has his or her own unique metabolism rate. Hence it is quite difficult to find one size fit all kind of estimation for Calories requirement.

We need calories for all our basic purposes. We need calories to even breath and live. We burn calories both at rest and play. The only thing that differ between various activities is the rate at which we burn calories. So we burn much fewer calories when we are sitting and working on our computer as compared to when we are running or going upstairs. While sleeping, our bodies burn between 70-100 calories per hour. This is called our Basal Metabolic Rate, or BMR.

Your calorie requirement is dependent on your objective. Are you looking forward to weight gain or weight loss. For people looking for weight gain the idea is to increase your calorie intake. When you increase your calorie intake, the excess calories get stored in your body. Depending on your nutrition type as well as your workouts, these excess calorie may get stored as fat or muscle. What we discuss out here is how to estimate the number of calories you need for maintenance level - your maintenance level is the amount of calories you need to stay at your current body weight. Simply, if you want to gain weight you will have to cross your maintenance level.

All the tools out there for finding your maintenance level just give you an approximate value. There is no formula to find your exact maintenance level. This can be attributed to the fact that your calorie consumption depends a lot on your day to day activity level.

Do Saunas Help With Weight Loss?

By Amy Nutt

Saunas have been a popular tool for relaxation for a very long time. When saunas were first introduced, they were used primarily for relaxation of muscles and relieving the stress and tension that build up throughout life. As saunas became more and more popular and widespread, the people who used them regularly began to notice some very desirable side effects. Specifically, people began noticing weight loss as a result of using saunas.

Weight Loss – Myth or Fact

Many people are still incredulous about the reported weight loss through sauna use. However, the increased popularity of saunas all over the world cannot and does not lie. Studies have shown that frequent sauna use does indeed help in weight loss as the high temperature acts not only on the muscle tissue but also on the fatty tissues of the body.

Many people agree that saunas have indeed helped them with weight reduction. The question is how? It is not true that the heat of the sauna helps in melting fat. Saunas - natural or infrared - are unable to melt fat with the help of heat. What a sauna actually does is help the body get rid of its excess salt through sweating.

What does salt have to do with weight loss? Plenty – there are many medical reports which explain the connection of salt and gain of weight. This gain is not fat gain but water retention gain. When a person consumes excess salt, this is deposited under the skin and in order for it to stay non-toxic it will demand water. The more salt you collect under the skin, the more water your body will demand and retain.

The sauna helps you get rid of this extra salt and thereby gets you rid of the water weight that you have gained. If you want to maintain the weight loss you enjoy from visiting the sauna, you need to keep salt consumption to a minimum in your diet.

Hence, the sauna does indeed help you loose weight though not in the regular way of melting fat. The heat usually forces the body sweat out the excess salt and toxins and thereby reduced a great deal of your water weight. Combined with a healthy and salt free (or reduced salt) diet, you could enjoy the new found way of staying trim and healthy.

Those who have studied the effectiveness of saunas for weight loss have observed that side by side with the relaxation benefits of saunas, they do help with detoxification of the body and with weight loss, when used frequently. What could be a better combination? One takes a sauna for relaxation and relief from stress and ends up with weight loss and body detoxification.

Improve your health and experience the benefits of an Infrared sauna. Saunafin offers a great selection of saunas that will fit your space and home decor.

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Burn Fat With Cardio ?!

What Are The Things That Make My Diet Go Busted

Ahem...I am, today, declaring that my so-called diet had gone bust due to my weakening will at refusing comfort food. Blame it on work stress and adding on to that my so called no-social life of late, suddenly the thought of enjoying food reared its head after a long hiatus.


· Cheesecake.- I mean, come on. Who can resist a fantastic, creamy, yummy-to-tummy looking cheesecake?

· Beef burgers - no, not the gourmet kind that I lurrrvvvvve from Etoile of Equatorial Hotel, its the Ramli burger kind. Double special with cheese. Priced at about RM4.30 with all the full flare of veges, beef patties and enough sauces and mustard to blow you to the moon, I will be happy tucking this for dinner.

· Nasi lemak bungkus - I really like the one where this Abang sells his version of nasi lemak bungkus (wrapped nasi lemak ) at the Indo Mee Square in SS2. Sells for RM1.20 per pack, its worth your money. Adding on a piece of his sambal chicken for another RM3.00/piece to this sinfully delicious and aromatic meal, and I will be one happy gal.

· French toast with vanilla ice cream - ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to die for and dont mind me for saying - this is about the ultimate sexy food. Ever. Close to orgasm. Better still if theres a glob of peanut butter sandwiched in between.......

· Cafe latte - It is said that coffee may be good for people who leads a fairly active lifestyle but may not be so for those who do their exercise surfing the channels while playing comatose on the couch. It will lead chronic insulin resistance to the body. Coming back home by 9.30pm everyday makes me want to think nothing but crawl in bed instead of sweating it out at the gym. I guess the only compensation I have is a few hours of walk and gym on Saturday mornings.

· Mee goreng....I like the mamak mee goreng done quite wet. Supper is not the same without mee goreng mamak and teh tarik halia.

· Teh tarik halia -

Okay, enough of airing the laundry for today. Lets look for the

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Fastest Way To Lose Weight NOW!

Obesity in Morocco: Why So Many Girls Are Taking Medicines to Get Fat!

Marilyn Monroe - An ideal weight?
Today's post will deal with psychological and societal factors in Morocco where many people from the middle classes want to appear “rich and well-fed,” accelerating the trends.
My mom has an American friend who grew up in the sixties and early seventies (in Denver), who thinks her mother seemed to be obsessed with making her fat. She used to talk about it being nice to be "pleasingly plump." We are not sure where this idea came from. Even looking at the movie stars of American movie stars from past decades, my American friend says she thinks they look healthy (not anorexic), but definitely not overweight, either.

Cyd Charisse - An ideal weight?
A lot of Moroccan girls and women (mainly from the lower and middle classes) seem to be obsessed with the idea of gaining weight. They go the pharmacy and buy medicines (without a prescription, of course) that are designed for increasing the appetites of anorexic people. They take these medicines "to help themselves get a little fatter." The people doing this are NOT skin and bones; they are people who look of pretty normal weights (about like these pictures above). They feel like they will be more attractive.
My little sister IS thinner than normal. But according to our family's pediatrician, she is healthy, and of the same "sleight" build as her father. Well-meaning relatives, such as our grandmother, have bought this anorexic syrup medicine (without doctors advice) and were giving it to her without my parents' knowledge or consent when she stayed with them. Not only that, but they were giving her about four times the dosage stated on the bottle, which was making her really sleepy. They sent it home with her and told her she MUST keep taking it. Fortunately, our family has better sense, and forbid her to take it. So guess what happened--the remaining syrup was stolen by our maid (we found it in her purse). Apparently our maid wants to get fatter, too. (She's of normal weight.)
Some girls who take this syrup end up looking bloated and pasty. I think they look disgusting, but my little sister insists they look "much better!" These are mainly unmarried girls, so I think they feel it will help them "catch a husband" better., which is done mainly by appearances in Morocco.
My little sister THINKS she is too skinny (at least she's teased by the girls at school who say she is, but they are chubby, so it's probably jealousy). So she wears four pairs of pants under her jeans. I ask her why she is doing this, especially when it is over 100°F outside! She says it's so that the thigh area of the jeans will not look "loose," but filled out, and tight all around, like her friends look in their jeans. All I can say is that I remember being this age (fourteen) and how important it is at that age to dress like your friends.
So, the question is, WHY do girls want to look like this? I think it has to do with poor people wanting to look prosperous, and well-fed, as we still have a lot of skinny poor people in Morocco who hardly have enough to eat. I think being skinny is equated with being poor, and NO ONE wants to LOOK POOR. Many of the rich are quite overweight; whereas poor people in Morocco are NEVER overweight.
I've heard several times over many years that down in the Western Sahara Province of Morocco, women force-feed their daughters to get fat and even have them roll on the beach at midnight to get fat (probably some kind of a witchcraft method). I don't really know if it's true, but I did come across this very interesting article from the BBC on a similar thing happening in Mauretania, which is right next to that area:
This article is about Mauretania's Wife-Fattening Farm, and interestingly, gives the same reasons as I've stated above--gaining weight because it's believed it will be easier to "catch a husband."

Fat Women in Mauretania, photo by Pascale Harter, BBC
In spite of all this, calling someone FAT in Morocco IS an insult. Kids in school call kids who are chubby FAT, and in most of Morocco, no one likes FAT women, although fat men seem to be tolerated. But no one wants to marry a fat man, either.

Methods to Double Your Weight Loss

By Anne Hilton

So you have decided on your weight loss program and you are excited and ready to get started, anticipating how you will look in your smaller sized clothes and how great you will feel. You are looking forward to a new surge of energy and you are confident that you are going to be able to stick with the new program and lose the weight.

The only thing better than meeting your optimum weight loss goal is increasing your impending weight loss or doubling it, reaching your goal that much sooner- possibly even in half the time. You can choose from a few different options to give your weight loss program that extra boost. Very little extra effort and double the payoff, and here are the tips to help you do just that.

Choose the methods that are right for you to kick your weight loss program into high gear:

- If you are not currently using low fat or skim milk, switch to one of the two. This will cut calories and fat and you won't miss them.

- Eat at least two servings of your favorite fresh fruit every day. Fruit is filling and the sugar in the fruit can arrest cravings for sweets.

- Have at least one meatless lunch and dinner each week to reduce fat. Also not having a meat entrée helps you to build your meals more around vegetables and whole grains.

- Cut your sugar snacks down to three or four times a week maximum.

- Do not eat in front of the television. Studies have proven that not only do we eat larger portions when in front of the tv, we also tend to select foods higher in sugar and fat.

- Use the half method. Half your fat intake. Use half as much butter, half the oil you would normally use to cook, half the mayonnaise you put on your sandwich, and half the peanut butter you would normally use are good examples.

- Choose good sources of proteins for your meals such as fish, cottage cheese, eggs, chicken, legumes or yogurt are all good selections.

- Have two servings of vegetables with lunch and dinner each. This will help to cut down on higher fat food portions such as red meat.

- Include one or two portions of foods made from whole grains with every meal.

When you are on a weight loss program, it is always a good idea to plan your meals ahead of time so you have an organized approach and are less likely to slip when you are stuck with an unplanned, last minute decision.

These extra steps in conjunction with your diet program will put you on the fast track to your weight loss goals, and you can lose the weight in record time.

If you are looking for a weight loss program that really works - here is a Serious Dieter's Review: