Wednesday, March 19, 2008

La Weight Loss Plans - More Than a Mere Diet

By Anthony Thedford

The LA weight loss plans are weight loss programs that were developed to function as one entire plan of action to help one lose weight. Usually, the plan includes several phases which would range from plan on how to lose weight, plan on how to stabilize a desired weight, and plan on how to maintain the ideal weight. Basically, the program is designed for people not only to lose weight but also to live as a healthy and satisfied person with one's body throughout his or her lifetime.
One of the frequently asked questions is whether or not its is possible to have a diet where you still get to eat what you want and still be able to lose weight and that is solved by LA weight loss plans. The plans provided by this program covers the same food that you buy in the grocery and that you store in your refrigerators and shelves but with the added vitamins, supplements, counseling and guidance of the company. The company offers diverse plans that would be able to cater as many as forty different plans to address individual needs which basically depend on your weight loss need.

The plans usually are year long program that would help you lose weight, stabilize it at certain level and maintain it all throughout. This is also the reason why the plan can be expensive and does not necessary include the meals except for the supplements and the LA lite bars and drinks. The lose weight phase usually lasts until the ideal weight is achieved. Usually, the LA weight loss plans require would let you undergo a process where they would determine your height and body proportion and determine your ideal weight. From your ideal weight, they would ask you whether or not it is the weight that you want to achieve or you want to trim it down or increase it a bit. From this, your dietitians would determine the appropriate weight loss diet that you need to achieve your desired weight. As mentioned, this phase would last until you are able to achieve the ideal or desired weight.

After this phase, it would be followed by the stabilization phase which is to last for six months. The weight loss program has estimated that it usually take six months before the desired weight stabilizes. In between the six month period, the person who undergoes the program tends to fluctuate in his or her weight. After the weight is stabilized at a certain level, the phase for lifelong commitment to maintain it follows. As mentioned previously, eating out is allowed provided that you stay within the meal suggestion basics that they recommended and provided that, as much as possible, you stick with the list of sound restaurants which offer the line of food options allowed by LA weight loss plans.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Emotional Approach to Weight Loss

By John Mannington

As you probably read or seen somewhere many times, the subject and practices of weight loss and weight control can be very emotional and (if allowed) somewhat stressful and controversial because it is vastly misunderstood by the masses and even more so, by those who are unfortunately affected by the problem of its unsightliness.

Overweight people as a group; generally and unfortunately tend to play with the problem of weight loss and its control by the way that they generally approach its correction. They do so, more emotionally and stressfully in the hope of some sort of miracle to happen. Rather than approaching the problem rationally with the commonsense and patience that its cure and control requires, this approach is stressful, repressive and self destructive. More often than not, those results in continued failure and frustration finally destroy their self confidence and the will-power to ever try again.

Weight loss and weight control for the most part is emotionally driven which can be clouded by confusion. This cloud of uncertainty and confusion becomes the catalyst for a choice that is made and is then used as a justification for the possible failures.

Being overweight, fat, obese is no accident it is self-inflicted; it is the result of neglect and a continuance of bad choices, and then from a position of denial they cry out that big is beautiful.

To add to the overall confusion and misunderstanding that generally surrounds the subject of weight control we have an avalanche of articles in the popular press sensationalizing the latest, and always the greatest miracle diet and/or method of weight loss and weight control. They are designed of course to capture the emotions and imaginations of those over weight and emotionally affected people.

Emotions are and always be a big factor in overweight people's indecision and clouded thoughts. If you take emotional attachments away from it, more than likely those indecisions and clouded thoughts would be redundant in the sense that they are taking a one step forward approach.

People need to make a decision and ask this "Are my emotions affecting my attitudes towards weight loss and weight management?"

Staying true to your true desires and demoting those unwanted emotions can be beneficial to anyone who is struggling with losing weight and managing it.

John is a health consultant, trainer and business coach. Using techniques and integral methodologies from his 40 years in the health (Habit and control) and obesity industry. John is able to successfully use those techniques and methodologies to help others achieve success. John's personal achievements have echoed through the management of numerous health studios which has reached to an international audience as well as a domestic level here in Australia. He has written numerous self-help programs which are portrayed by his 40 years experience in the health (Habit and control) and obesity industry.