Saturday, January 12, 2008

Water With Lemon For Weight Loss - Water With Lemon Plus Three Easy Tips

By John Whitman

Did I hear you right? You said, "drink water to help me lose weight." That sounds totally crazy I thought you had to have less water in your body to lose weight... so now you're saying drink more water and I will lose more weight?

Okay, okay... I'm sure your little confused about what I just said, but it really works. Increasing the amount of water you drink will actually decrease the amount water in your body... and you will lose fat also! Plus a little extra, your health will become better, your skin will look better, and your overall appearance will increase drastically.

Still with the common expectations of eating good food and getting good exercise, increasing the amount water you drink is invaluable part of your overall weight loss plan that you have been overlooking.

Why is drinking more water and water with lemon better to help you lose weight?Well the answer is simple. Let me explain:

  • When you're not suffering from a shortage to water your body does not offer resistance to giving up stored water.
  • A fuller stomach makes you feel less hungry. You have less room for food when you have water in your stomach.
  • Water is vital to the functioning of your organs such as your liver and kidneys. When your organs are functioning well they burn fat more effectively.
  • And lastly, but not least, water flushes salt from your body. This prevents a salt from retaining water and your body.

Drinking water with lemon can speed up weight loss. When you mix lemon with water that makes the water become more alkalizing. This brings up the pH of the water and makes it more natural. When you put lemon and water it makes it much easier to achieve an alkaline diet. It's highly rumored in certain circles that an alkaline diet can help you achieve weight loss greatly. It turns out that it's not as complicated to maintain an alkaline diet as it used to be thought. So add a little lemon to your water and see if it helps.

Three unexpected ways to lose weight drinking water

1. Drink the perfect quantity of water to put your body and balance I remember a long time ago when I was young and serving in the military they told me I needed to drink at least eight glasses of water every day...although they never mentioned drinking water with lemon. Looking back I realize how good of advice that is to help someone lose weight. If you have an active bladder then this could be trouble. But for normal people you'll feel a lot happier when you notice how much thinner you look in the mirror.A little known fact is that water of different temperatures can burn the calories in your body at different rates. Cold water burns calories faster, so it's much better to have cold water than just the normal glass of water from the kitchen sink.
Drink the water throughout the day. Don't try to force yourself to drink water just listen to your body and you will naturally want to drink more than you normally do so.

Keep water handy so you can have it in places that you normally don't have water with you. Keep it in your car, perhaps your locker at work or in your desk drawer, or maybe carry a bottle around with you.

2. Focus on drinking quality water

Just as the quality of food you eat varies so does the quality of the water you drink.

Common household water from your kitchen sink can contain many different chemicals which can hinder your weight loss progress by adding stress to your organs. So, it is best to purchase water from the store. Either distilled or spring water will do fine.

3. There are many other ways drinking water helps you also

Your skin is a major organ in your body and drinking water flushes out toxins. You will look younger and have a better smelling odor.

Not only will you smell better - you may take on a glow since you have less impurities in your skin

With less water and impurities and your skin, your skin may seem tighter and have less appearance of wrinkles

Water will keep you well hydrated and when you exercise you will perform at a better level

That is just a few things that drinking water helps you with. I hope you can see how adding water to your diet can help you lose weight more effectively.

And remember, losing weight is a battle where every little thing counts, even something small as drinking water with lemon. So use my advice and I'm sure you will be looking great in no time at all.

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John Whitman has lost over 120 ponds and his life purpose is now to help others do the same and change there life. John is the creator of the website Fat Loss 4 Idiots