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Finding the Solution of the Fast Weight Loss

By Lisa Adan Mills

Each individual is searching for the solution of quick weight loss. But let us consider the source of the problem.

Overburdening of the liver: - if the liver of a person is tired then the capability of the body to lose weight fast can be slow down. So person requires a quick cleansing of the liver. This can be achieved by consuming more organic and raw food. The food which are present in the market are preprocessed and packaged and hence contain the harmful impurities which can block in the liver, fat cells and arteries of the body. This results in hampering of the weight loss. So if a person had to be mastered in fast weight loss then he had to smart and develop this art.

Fat cells of the body get stagnant: - If the choice of the food taken is harmful then it can affect the digestive system. The main thing is that they bloat the fat cells and ruin the inter-cellular communication which in turns kills the dream of losing the weight. This problem can be cured but a person had to go for the full detoxification process of the body. One has to include organic food in his diet like fiber diet and consuming lot of water and go for exercising.

If the above mentioned processes are carried for 2 weeks then the body will gain more energy and the body will become healthy and help in fast weight loss. But there are some fast actions nowadays which can provide much effective results in much less time. Some of them include Lida Daidaihua Slimming Capsule, 2 DAY DIET Japan Lingzhi and Healthin Organic Tea for Weight Loss.

Role of exercise and diet in fast weight loss: -

Proper and fast weight loss can be achieved only by the proper planning, dedication and strategy. This can include combination of exercise, supplements and various diet like 2 DAY DIET Japan Lingzhi. So one must go with proper and balanced diets which will help in maintain the metabolic processes of the body.

In the same way the affect of the exercises can be seen in gradual way. Lot of physical works and tasks had to be performed for burning the amount of calories which can be achieved by hard work and full dedication. Running, jumping and stretching are some of the preferred exercises that can be performed daily by a person.

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Exercise Tips for Breast Enlargement ..

Breasts have no muscles, but only fat cells, milk-ducts and glands. All these are held together in the breast in a web of soft connective tissue. So, exercising cannot help increase your bust size. However, with exercising, you can get a firmer and a more prominent line that makes your bust appear larger. Similarly, in case if you have a heavy bust, you would lose some of the droop that can spoil your bust shape.

In fact, all of us know that exercise is good for us. There are exercises for various parts like the back, the arms and the legs. The same way, there are exercises for enlargement of breasts. Swimming is a superb exercise that gives your bust the best shape you would like to have by exercising the breast muscles against resistance of the water.

Breast exercises firm up the pectoral muscles below your breasts. After they become firmer, the breast tissues become stronger and suppler. Basically breast enlargement exercises are chest expansion exercises.

Apart from exercises, breast massages also help in the breast enlargement. Breast massages are easy to do, and can be done without the help of any special equipment. These massages are done by applying different pressures on the breasts in a set pattern. This ensures better circulation of blood in the breast, and also flushes out any dangerous toxins.

Below are two exercises for breast enhancement.

Exercise 1:

a. Lie on your tummy with the elbows bent, and fingertips facing inwards. Rest your forehead on the floor.
b. Slowly raise your head and body, pushing down with hands, arching your spine and bending the neck backwards.
c. Pull in your stomach muscles and lift your stomach off the floor.
d. Slowly lower upper back and shoulders to floor to the original position. Relax.
e. Repeat.

Exercise 2:

a. Hold your arms straight in front of you, at shoulder level.
b. Bring your hands slowly, towards your shoulders clenching your hands as though you are pulling something strenuously.
c. Repeat 5 times.

Top 10 Weight Loss Recommendations

By Joan Martin

To help you determine your weight loss goals you can use the Body Mass Index to assess overweight and obesity. Body weight alone can be used to follow and to determine the effectiveness of therapy. The BMI is to classify overweight and obesity and to estimate relative risk of disease compared to normal weight.

Here are 10 Weight Loss Recommendations:

1. The waist circumference should be used to assess abdominal fat content.

2. The initial goal of therapy to lose weight should be to reduce your body by about 10 percent from baseline. With success, and if warranted, further loss can be attempted.

3. Low calorie diets (LCD) can be used for reduction in overweight and obese persons. Reducing fat as part of an LCD is a practical way to reduce calories.

4. Reducing dietary fat alone without reducing calories is not necessarily sufficient. However, reducing dietary fat, along with reducing dietary carbohydrates, can help reduce calories.

5. A diet that is individually planned to help create a deficit of 500 to 1,000 calories per day should be an integral part of any program aimed at achieving a weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week.

6. Physical activity should be part of a comprehensive losing therapy and control program because it: (1) modestly contributes to weight loss in overweight and obese adults, (2) may decrease abdominal fat, (3) increases cardiorespiratory fitness, and (4) may help with maintenance of weight loss

7. Physical activity should be an integral part of weight loss therapy and maintenance. Initially, moderate levels of physical activity for 30 to 45 minutes, 3 to 5 days a week, should be encouraged. All adults should set a long-term goal to accumulate at least 30 minutes or more of moderate-intensity physical activity on most, and preferably all, days of the week.

8. The combination of a reduced calorie diet and increased physical activity is recommended since it produces a loss that may also result in decreases in abdominal fat and increases in cardiorespiratory fitness.

9. Behavior therapy is a useful adjunct when incorporated into treatment for weight loss and maintenance.

10. After successful weight loss the likelihood of maintenance is enhanced by a program consisting of dietary therapy, physical activity, and behavior therapy which should be continued indefinitely. A maintenance program should be a priority after the initial 6 months of weight loss therapy.

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Fitness Equipment - Core Training - Equator Fitness

by using these amazing fitness machine, it will make everyone more willing to do exercise, won't you?

Surgery is last resort for weight loss

By Susan Brink, Los Angeles Times

Throw out any thoughts that weight-reduction surgery is a shortcut to svelte. The surgery, performed on about 200,000 Americans a year, is a last resort to rescue people in danger of dying early from the consequences of obesity.

After years of question marks, studies now show the surgery saves lives, sustains long-term weight loss and combats -- maybe even reverses -- diabetes. But it still results in the death of 1 in 200 patients and can result in complications such as blood clots, hernias, bowel obstructions or intestinal leaks that can lead to infection.

Because of these complications, National Institutes of Health experts recommend the surgery only for people considered morbidly obese, roughly 100 pounds or more over ideal body weight. They face a risk of death from diabetes or heart disease five to seven times greater than people of normal weight.

"These people don't have a lot of options," says Dr. John Morton, director of bariatric surgery at Stanford's Center for Weight Loss Surgery in California. "When someone is drowning, I throw them a life preserver. I don't have time to build a bridge."

About 14,000 Californians undergo weight-loss surgery each year. According to the American Society for Bariatric Surgery, more than 1 million Californians qualify: those with a body mass index of 40 or more, or 35 or more if they have heart disease or diabetes.

The twin remedies to get rid of fat -- diet and exercise -- are ineffective for people who are vastly overweight. Weight gain leads to arthritis or difficulty breathing, which makes exercise difficult and, eventually, impossible. People sit more, move less and don't burn all the calories they consume.

"Once you're in the morbidly obese category, it is very, very hard to lose the weight using nonsurgical means," says Dr. Melinda Maggard Gibbons, a general surgeon and researcher at the Center for Surgical Outcomes and Quality at the University of California, Los Angeles.

There are two main surgical options. Gastric bypass surgery reduces the stomach from the size of a football to the size of a golf ball using surgical staples or a plastic band.

The most common and successful technique is called the "Roux-en-Y procedure," named for the surgeon who invented it and the resulting reconfigured small intestine. Food from the tiny stomach bypasses more than half of the small intestine, where nutrients and calories are absorbed, and heads for the large intestine, from where it's eventually excreted as waste.

Stomach-banding surgery, which is reversible, wraps a silicone belt around the stomach, reducing its size so that as little as a tablespoon of food fits at a time. Both procedures successfully result in weight loss, although more pounds come off, and quicker, with gastric bypass surgery.

"The surgery is anatomy-mandating behavioral change," Morton says.

A small or bypassed stomach demands that people eat less. This leads to weight loss, which allows more freedom of movement, which makes exercise possible.

Improvements in surgical options came after years of trial and error. In the 1950s, surgeons experimented with intestinal bypass surgery, leaving the stomach intact but looping out all but about two feet of the intestine. People lost weight, but their guts could not absorb nutrients. Patients suffered diarrhea 10 to 15 times a day, as well as malnutrition, dehydration, kidney stones and liver problems.Surgeons largely gave up on intestinal bypass and tried stomach stapling instead.

"That had problems," says Dr. David Zingmond, professor of internal medicine at UCLA. "People could re-expand their stomachs."

By the 1990s, gastric bypass surgery finally helped people more than it hurt them. The new techniques have fewer side effects, provided that patients eat small amounts and take nutritional supplements.

Still, questions about the procedures' long-term results persisted until 2007, when a Swedish study in the New England Journal of Medicine settled some of them.

Researchers followed about 2,000 obese patients who had undergone weight-loss surgery -- gastric bypass or surgical banding -- and compared them with about 2,000 similarly obese people who didn't have surgery but were counseled in diet and exercise. After 10 years, those who had bypass surgery weighed 25 percent less; those who had stomach-banding were down about 15 percent. Those who got traditional diet advice lost no more than 2 percent of their weight.

People normally lose a lot of weight at first, then regain some of it. This study showed that a significant amount of weight stayed off -- and for the first time showed that long-term weight loss, even when people remain overweight, is enough to save lives.

There were 129 deaths in the diet-only group, mostly from weight-related heart disease and cancer. The 101 deaths in the surgery group were also largely from heart disease and cancer, although there were half the number of heart attack deaths as for those in the diet group, and fewer deaths in all but one category. That exception was infection, possibly a result of the surgery. Twelve people who had surgery died of infection, compared with three in the diet group. Even more remarkable to scientists is the finding that both major types of weight-loss surgery can reverse diabetes.

In 2004, a review of 130 studies of more than 22,000 patients in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that many diabetics who have gastric bypass surgery are cured of diabetes, often within days.

"It's a striking benefit," Morton says. "They're off insulin and medication 82 percent of the time."

A January study in the same journal showed similar results for stomach-banding surgery, although the result can take up to a year. Researchers aren't sure why surgery reverses diabetes but speculate that it results in a change in the hormones related to diabetes.

Paul Shekelle, director of the Santa Monica, Calif.-based Rand Corp.'s evidence-based practice center, which conducts health-care reviews, said the Swedish study convinced him that bypass surgery does save lives. But he's concerned that too many people see surgery as an easy solution to a difficult problem.

"You've got to make sure that patients understand that this is not like getting your knee repaired," he says. "This is going to make your life different."

Patients won't eat sugar any more, not without risking diarrhea, gas, bloating and cramping. They won't eat large amounts of anything, ever.

Guaranteed Weight Loss Information Online - Do They Really Guarantee?

By Anthony Thedford

Many people say that weight loss programs would never be effective if you just rely on what other people tell you to do. For you to achieve an effective weight loss program, you should be able to make little interventions no matter how small or insignificant they may be. When you go through weight loss programs, you should be able to have knowledge of your own on how to better enhance your weight loss program and what you can do on a personal level. You can start off the intervention with guaranteed weight loss information online. These provide for a wide range of data that would help you understand the weight loss process and what interventions an individual can make.

It can be a bit disappointing when you know that while there are enormous sources of information in the Internet allegedly to help you lose weight, only a few of these can be considered as guaranteed weight loss information online. Data in the net can be also deceiving for there are those who just post blogs based on their own experiences. Perhaps you might have noticed that most of the information available in the net comes from the individual experiences of those who underwent a specific program or those who tried the product. Some of the comments or write ups may be for or against a certain product but the one thing that you are sure of is that the commentary comes from one's individual experience which may not hold true to you.

There is actually a danger when you just rely with products that vouch for guaranteed weight loss information online as it can at times be for promotional or marketing only which are geared to make you purchase the product and pay for it. Actually, money is not only the issue here but how safe the product can be. That is why, it is very important not just to rely on the information provided for in the site but to also make your personal research such as to check for the manufacturer's license and the products approval by the bureau of food and drugs.
Likewise, those products that boast of guaranteed weight loss can be verified not only through the experiences of people that you know have tried the product but also through the expertise of a medical professional who is at best position to know what kind of weight loss program you need to take and what is best for you. You must bear in mind that your physician, nutritionist, or diet expert knows exactly what is best for you and which particular program you can carry out effectively and safety.

Anthony Thedford has been writing information articles for years. For more information on weight loss, please visit our website at

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The amazing story of a woman who lost 500 pounds

Wa, Can you believe it?

Listen more stories, cheer yourself up and focus on your goal.

Herbal Secrets For Weight Loss

By Marrie Johnson

We end up spending large amounts of time and money running after weight loss programs that do more harm than good. Overanxious to burn the extra pounds, many times we don't get the expected results and, in the process, suffer a lot, restraining our desires, and making our systems vulnerable to the side effects of weight loss medicines.

Why go herbal?

Compared to torturous, strict diet programs and arduous exercises, herbal methods of weight loss are cheaper and are free of side effects, to a great extent. Of course, high doses can cause complications, but herbal ways of losing weight are far safer than the use of chemically manipulated medication. When going the herbal route, one can expect to lose anywhere between five to ten pounds of weight in the very first month, if it's part of a disciplined lifestyle that includes exercise.

After studying various herbs from different parts of the globe, experts have found many medicinal properties in them. The herbs which have fat-burning and appetite suppressing effects are useful for weight loss. Some well-known herbs are discussed below.

Some popular weight loss herbs

• Chamomile teas are said to soothe the digestive system.

• Mint teas are pleasing to the mind and soothing to the system because of their aroma.

• Rooibos tea is said to be a good antioxidant.

• Cinnamomum tamala, senna leaves, aniseed, Garcinia cambogia, fennel, Salacia reticulata, triphala, licorice root, and many other similar herbs contribute considerably to weight loss.

• Gynostemma pentaphyllum and apple cider vinegar help in controlling your blood pressure and increase the rate of burning fat.

• 999 Fitness Essence, in spite of being less well-known, has been found to be very effective for weight loss.

• Caffeine burns fat.

• Herbal body wraps, comprised of rose petal powder, alfalfa leaf powder, ground basil, and oils such as lavender, lemon, and sandalwood, are a great way to remove body toxins and stimulate blood circulation throughout the body. These act directly with the skin cells to extract the fat and unwanted fluids trapped within the cells.

Some precautions should be kept in mind while using herbs. Various types of herbs have their origins in different continents around the world and the local people from each were aware of the care that should be taken while using them. For example, some may interact with your present medication.

Tips for the wise use of herbal products

• Before using herbal remedies to lose your extra pounds, have a word with your physician to know if he or she approves their use.

• Check the list of ingredients given on the package and make sure that you are not allergic to any of them.

• Make sure that you research whether the ingredients actually have weight reducing effects. There are differences regarding the efficacy of the weight loss properties of some herbs.

• Senna helps in weight loss, but dehydrates the system, putting you at risk of damaging your colon.

• If used improperly, St. John's Wort can cause fatigue, itching, skin and eye sensitivity, and gastrointestinal problems.

Do herbal supplements really work?

As far as the weight loss properties of any medications or supplements are concerned, nothing can work unless one follows a strict regimen of eating healthier and burning more calories. Only a healthy lifestyle and keeping the body fit through exercise can enable you to shed unwanted flab.

Marrie Johnson is an expert author who carries excellent knowledge on various weight loss programs and herbal weight loss. She also writes about quit smoking and guides people on many important facts on health and well being. To know more about her articles and expertise, read excellent articles on

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Precaution While Taking Weight Loss Pills

By Lisa Adan Mills

Competition among the companies: -

Nowadays the market is over flooding with the diet formulas. The competition among the companies in increasing at much rapid rate and all the companies are claiming that their products are the best among all the weight loss pills. The reason behind this they are providing is that their weight loss pills are made from the scientific studies and latest breakthroughs. As there is manufacturing of the one weight loss pill other manufacturers try to study the composition of these pills and create their own pills by adding some of their innovative ideas which proves to be the more effective one. Since these pills are becoming the major part of diet of most of the people, people are dying to avail those kinds of pills.

Rushing of the people to purchase the weight loss pills: -

The fact is that the people who want to shed their weight at an instant time go for the purchasing of these pills without giving any second thought. No doubt there are some effective pills in the market like MAXOUT PM™, PROXYLEAN™, and LIPOCARB 3X which are proving to be the most effective in losing the weight by reducing the amount o calories and carbohydrates in the body and also by reducing the desires of eating the food. There are some kinds of people who just by seeing the ads or taking references from the other people, just rush to the shop to purchase these pills. But the right buyers are those who watch out all the effects of the pill and then go to buy weight loss pills only after the prescription of the physician. It is always advised to have some chat with diet physician to make it ensure that such weight loss pills don't have any ill effects on the body and all the money should be invested in the proper product only.

The main reasons to take some precautions before taking weight loss pills is that these oil can provide the necessary minerals and vitamins which are needed by the body and which can be obtained in the normal food. Exercise is the main requirement of the body to keep it fit and healthy. So to burn the amount of calories these weight loss pills alone can't suffice. So it is better to have full knowledge regarding the effects of these pills on the human body and then go for it after consulting from a doctor.

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Weight Loss Surgery Tips - The Duodenal Switch Procedure

By Elisa Cruz

Weight loss surgery is one of the most sought after forms of plastic surgery to hit the medical world. Many face the need to lower their weight and somehow reach a more optimal weight for health reasons. There are currently a number of options and medical research continues to locate newer and less invasive ways to help those suffering from obesity. There are a few things that potential patients should explore.

If considering the duodenal switch, which is a weight loss procedure, it is best to seek out the advice and care of a professional plastic surgeon that is prepared to answer your questions and go over the procedure with you. Prior to seeking out a plastic surgeon, it is a good idea to do some personal research which involves seeking out the various kinds of plastic surgeries that are available. It is always best to take responsibility for your own health and not to rely solely on the care and knowledge of medical professionals.

The duodenal switch is a procedure much like the gastric bypass surgery yet it involves altering the internal structure of organs in a different manner. The flow of food and stomach acid is different than other weight loss surgery options. There are many opinions that believe one method of weight loss surgery to be more effective than others. It is important to seek out the treatment that sounds most reasonable to you and to speak with a professional. Finding a plastic surgeon that you trust is very important so that you feel comfortable enough to discuss the procedure and any pertinent questions that you may have.

For many, the duodenal switch is a great idea to explore if they are suffering from obesity and have difficulties getting around each day. There are a number of ways which result in mass weight loss via the use of surgery, but most plastic surgeons generally do not recommend surgery unless other weight loss measures have been considered and acted upon. For those suffering from morbid obesity, weight loss surgery may offer the only way to lose weight. If one is unable to become more active, then surgery becomes more of an option. However, one's diet can obviously lower weight and changing lifestyle habits along with fitness habits is a great way to reduce weight. Naturally losing weight is the best option and if patients can do so, plastic surgeons advise their patients to stick to the natural forms of weight loss. Yet it is important to note that for those patients that do decide to undergo surgery, no weight loss surgery can replace a healthy lifestyle and fitness plan.

To keep one's weight loss at an optimum level, exercise and diet alteration are extremely important. For a duodenal switch to be most effective and worth the time and energy, it is vital that patients pay attention to how their lifestyle habits must change so that their weight loss can occur at a steady rate over time. Regardless of surgery options, there is every reason to dedicate oneself to a healthy diet to benefit the entire body, regardless of weight loss plans.

More information on the duodenal switch procedure, and a plastic surgeon in your area is just a click away.

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Weight Loss Spa Versus Clinic - Where Should You Go?

By Phillip England

Have you ever considered going to a weight loss spa?

The main difference between a weight loss spa and a weight loss center or clinic is the atmosphere. Weight loss spas exude a more relaxing atmosphere while functioning in very much the same way as a weigh loss center or clinic would.

When you check into a weight loss spa, you will be undergoing a fitness program that involves teaching you how to eat healthier and an exercise regimen made specifically with your fitness goals and needs in mind. Weight loss spas also offer different activities that complement your fitness program. Cooking classes can help teach you about how to properly prepare your foods so you retain much of the nutrients in it. Different activities like swimming, tennis, golf, and hiking, to name some, are also offered to give you a variety of physical activities you can add to your fitness program. Each weight loss spa however, is different from another so activities that are available in some might be unavailable in others.

Before you check yourself into a weight loss spa, be sure to check out the different weight loss spas in your area. As each is different in handling their fitness programs, look for a weight loss spa that is not only best suited for your fitness goals and needs but also appeals to things that you like. If you like ranch living, a ranch-type of weight loss spa might just do the trick for you. Is zen your cup of tea? Then a zen-inspired weight loss spa is the best way to go.

When you go home after you've checked yourself into a weight loss spa, don't think that your want to become healthy was just a phase. Keep at it. Most, if not all, weight loss spas are actually geared towards this purpose. Where health is concerned, a weight loss spa might just be the solution you're looking for.

Phillip England is a weight loss expert and director of TheUltimateWeightLossSecret.Com - check it out for all your weight loss information. Phil also provides honest advice about weight loss supplements like Proactol

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What is Calorie Shifting? An Amazing Approach to Weight Loss Explained

By Tina Bardo

In this article we are going to discuss calorie shifting. Calorie shifting is essentially a weight loss program that is designed around changing the caloric value your body takes in an effort to "shake up" your metabolism for the better. Continue reading as we take a closer look, and provide some helpful analogies for your enjoyment! Read on..:-)

Filed Under: A Good Analogy

Have you ever seen the workout programs on TV that are geared around keeping the muscles BUILDING beyond the average workout because you NEVER do the same exercise twice? It's the same sort of approach with calorie shifting. You are "tricking" your metabolism to keep the fire burning as it doesn't know what to expect next...rather than adjusting to, and allocating for a standard low calorie, fixed diet.

Filed Under: What Can I Expect to Eat?

Pretty much ALL of your favorite meals are ok! The key to this unique approach to weight loss is the variation throughout the day of caloric portions - you are going to be eating 4 meals a day, EACH with a different calorie value. You are also, as is advised on most healthy living plans, recommended to keep fluid intake HIGH, (up to 10 glasses of water per day) and low value foods...LOW! (stay away from fast foods while shifting)

The key to this revolutionary approach to weight loss is keeping your body's metabolic equilibrium at OPTIMUM efficiency...and this is accomplished by simply shifting calories throughout the day in a very specific way, rather than in 2 or 3 BIG and burdensome meals like most diets preach.

Filed Under: Who is Calorie Shifting For?

Anyone who has NOT had success on OTHER diet programs! If you've failed with other weight loss regimens, the calorie shifting community may be EXACTLY what you are looking for.

And as I'm SURE you probably already know, the Fat loss 4 idiots movement has SWEPT the internet by storm and created a sea of slim, fit & BEAUTIFUL people in it's wake! (and these are people just like you and I who have NEVER had luck on any diet program before!)