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Sculpting A Better Body With The Proper Weight Loss Plan

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Body sculpting may be a new phrase but adjusting your body to suit your own idea of how it should look is nothing new, it is just some people can’t wait and try to rush the process. These people are impatient and seem not to be able to afford much attention, time and money to get the body they have always wanted. To beat the wait these impatient people employ the use of rapid weight loss procedure which may not be everything they are meant to be.

There is still much discussion about the usefulness of these fast weight loss schemes according to available studies. They say nothing comes easily and that cannot be more true with someone following a rapid weight loss program as often once the plan has been stopped by the user, the weight returns.

The research shows that people that are on these special low calorie / carbohydrate diets become bored with them which is quite natural and end up going back to their old eating habits quite quickly. Now there is also scientific research showing that rapid weight loss does not imply an individual is losing unwanted excess fat; it is commonly water that is lost with following rapid weight loss practices.

You see a diet where water loss is the main component can have serious side effects but water is generally replace quite quickly meaning that there wasn’t actually any weight loss after all. Losing water from the body, unless under strict medical observation can be highly dangerous and from research the likelihood of losing anymore than two pounds of fat per week is remote.

One of the latest ideas to hit the rapid weight loss market is the slimming soap which promises the user that if used on all the body during a bath then the soap will emulsify and shed the body fat; it is also claimed to be completely natural and only contains a mixture of herbs and seaweed. This sounds really good except there isn’t any proof it works and the only results observed so far have been improvements in the users skin.

A more recent product to hit the weight loss market place promises much with increased energy and hunger suppression. It also claims to be able to accelerate the healing process and reduce certain body pains, all these plus its being a very chic fashion statement by being magnetic weight loss earrings.

Apparently the magnetism in the earrings helps to keep the body’s own magnetic field synchronized and so the other benefits should be expected. If this were true you would expect the manufacturers to immediately organize a full scientific study to prove these claims but to date that has not occurred.

The best advice that can be given is that nothing worthwhile ever comes easily and these rapid weight loss methods often don’t deliver the goods long term.

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Cutting back on calories does not lead to bone loss, as long as you eat a well-balanced diet

Cutting back on calories does not lead to bone loss, as long as you eat a well-balanced diet , according to a new study.

Researchers tracked bone loss and weight loss in 46 healthy overweight men and women on four different diet programs. The participants' average age was 37.

The control group was told to eat a healthy diet. The second group was told to consume 25% fewer calories than they expended per day. The third group was instructed to reduce energy consumption by 25% per day through a combination of exercise and diet. Participants in the last group ate a low-calorie diet (890 calories per day) until they lost 15% of their body weight, then they went on a maintenance plan. The program lasted six months, and everyone got recommended levels of vitamins and minerals, including calcium. Diet plans included 30% fat, 15% protein, and 55% carbohydrates, as recommended by the American Heart Association.

Bone mineral density and blood markers of bone resorption and formation -- processes by which bone is broken down and regenerated on a regular basis -- were measured at the beginning and end of the study. There was not significant bone loss in the calorie-restriction groups compared with the control group.

Weight loss varied by group. The control group averaged a 1% weight loss. In the second group (consuming 25% fewer calories than they expended), weight loss was on average 10.4%. Weight loss was 10% on average in the calorie-restriction-plus-exercise group. The low-calorie group (eating 890 calories per day) averaged a 13.9% weight loss.

The researchers note that other studies with older participants following similar calorie restriction have demonstrated changes in bone mineral density in less than six months.

"Our data do not support the notion that extreme weight loss (more than 10 percent) over short periods (three months) has a worse prognosis on bone health than gradual weight loss achieved over six months by moderate calorie restriction with or without aerobic exercise . We speculate that in young individuals undergoing calorie restriction, minor adjustments in bone occur as a normal physiological adaptation to the reduced body mass," the authors write. They urge that additional research with longer time frames be done.

WebMD Health News
by Caroline Wilbert

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The Truth About Losing Fat On Your Stomach

Author: Melanie Mendelson

Do you know anybody who does not wish to get rid of the fat on one particular area of their body? I have not met anybody like that!

"If I could only get rid of my big belly"! "Oh, I wish my thighs were slimmer"! Does it sound familiar?

Even skinny people are often unhappy with the excess fat in some areas of their body. We've all seen those skinny men with huge bellies!

This common problem is accompanied by a widespread belief that you can lose the fat on a "problem area" by exercising that particular area. Some people do hundreds of crunches in attempts to flatten their stomachs, others buy the "miracle" ab gadgets and bulky "hip slimming" machines from TV.

Were you about to call the 800 number to buy the "latest and greatest" ab roller? Hold on to your hard-earned money!

The belief that you can lose fat on a specific part of your body by exercising that area is a myth! Targeting the "spots" of your body for fat loss is called "spot reducing", and it simply does not work.

Exercising certain areas of your body will strengthen the muscles there, but it will not remove the fat from them. Your newly developed muscles will be hidden under the layer of fat.

What about those heavily pitched creams, wraps and rubber belts that supposedly "melt the fat away"? Those are just plainly scams.

The creams and body wraps can temporarily give your skin smoother appearance, but they will do absolutely nothing for fat loss. All kinds of weight loss belts, pants and other clothing will make you sweat, thereby causing some loss of water weight which is mistaken by most people for fat loss. But they will not help you lose even one gram of the actual fat!1
There is no way to tell your body where exactly it should lose its fat.
Each person's body has its own unique shape and fat distribution pattern. The places where the fat goes first are, unfortunately, where it comes off last. So the only way to lose that fat is by losing weight in general.
The only healthy permanent way to lose weight is by making lifestyle changes to incorporate healthy eating and increased activity. When you do that, the fat will come off everywhere on your body, including those "trouble spots". And yes, you will then have that body that you always dreamed of! Melanie Mendelson
Author of "Practical Weight Loss"
A Guaranteed Way To Lose Fat For Good

Crunches Will Not Help You Lose Stomach Fat

Author: Ed Scow

I hear it all the time in my training business. "I want to lose this stomach fat, so I've been doing 200 crunches a day and it just doesn't work."

I don't blame the person. It's only natural to think that because you have stomach fat you'll burn it off by doing crunches. Plus all the infomercials selling their junk make it seem that it's that easy.

The truth is that doing endless amounts of crunches, sit-ups or abs working gizmos will do next to nothing when it comes to losing stomach fat.

Sure they'll help strengthen the muscles, but what good does that do if you have a layer of flabby goo covering them up?

In order to lose stomach fat you need to have the right mix of cardio, strength training and nutrition.

Sure, when you were in high school or college you could spend hours upon hours working out to get a great physique, but it's not that way anymore if you have a job, family life and other "real world" responsibilities.

You have to know exactly how to go about it and you can't waste anytime in your workouts. So here's what you need to do right now to help you lose stomach fat for good.

1) Set some goals and plan ahead. Sounds boring, but it's essential you do these if you really want to lose stomach fat.

You're a busy person and if you don't have a plan for going about this, you're going to waste a lot of time. Time that could be spent with your family, or on other hobbies or just time wasted in the gym.

Set meaningful, attainable goals and plan out what your weeks normally look like so you can get an idea of when to schedule your workouts and how to structure your eating.

Do you need to cook a bunch of chicken breast on Sunday so you'll have it ready during the week? Do it.

2) Focus your workouts on doing full body exercises and full body workouts rather than using machines and focusing on body parts only.

Forget about doing lots of crunches, bicep curls and triceps kickbacks if you want to lose fat. They're a waste of time for busy people.

You need to focus on doing exercises like squats, lunges, rows and push-ups and only using dumbbells for your resistance rather than the machines found in most health clubs.

Doing so will ensure you get the most muscle involved which means you'll burn the most fat, especially
from your stomach.

3) Get creative with your cardio. Forget about doing long, boring cardio on the treadmill, elliptical or stairclimber.

Play basketball, do intervals, go for a hard run or bike ride, play soccer.

Use your imagination. There's no rule that says your cardio has to be done indoors on a piece of machinery. Use your brain.

Work up a good sweat and don't stop moving.

Follow these 3 rules and you'll be well on your way to losing stomach fat and getting the toned body you've always wanted.

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To Loose A Pound

Author: Sergios Charntikov

Loose a pound of fat… what does it take? Not eating for a day? Not eating for a week? Eating less? How much less?

Professionals say that it takes 3500 calories in order to loose One Pound of fat you stored in your body. That simply means that you have to reduce your calorie intake for 3500 cal per week, and here you are – one pound less. Ok, it is not that simple. In real life the process of loosing a pound is much complicated. Different individuals have different body types, metabolism rates, level of activities, etc. When you are putting yourself on a diet you loose not only fat but also a water and muscle. You do not want to loose muscle because every pound of muscle is burning approximately 60 calories per day, in fact, adding a pound of muscle would help you to burn part of that 3500 calories. To sum up, 3500 is only rough approximation that one can use in order to keep his/her fat loss under control. Reducing calorie intake is definitely a good step towards loosing that “insulation” around you, but you also need to think about: cardio work - major factor in fat loss, power exercising - that helps you tone your body and get that lean muscle that in turn burns calories even when you sleep, and finally - EATING RIGHT AND HEALTHY FOOD.

If you have any additional questions or concern, please visit our fitness forum where you can ask questions and find appropriate answers almost on any fitness subject, including creatine monohydrate.

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Find out why you haven't been able to loose Weight yet!

Author: Varun Pratap

Ok guess most of you have tried different exercise routines and lots other Diet routines but still you haven't been able to loose weight. So what exactly is the problem?

The problem lies in the stubborn Fat.

here are many reasons this kind of fat comes in your body, it can be having an unhealthy diet or livers inability to break down the food or insulin insensitivity or deficiency in B Vitamins and some minerals. It also comes because of crash dieting or diets that make you loose fat fast.

Mostly doctors recommend on loosing fat slowly (slow as in 1 pound/week), so that you don't suffer from stubborn fat. With proper exercise plan you can avoid this kind of fat.

Patience, Daniel son, Patience. Good things take time.

As Said have a proper diet and exercise plan for yourself. And then don't get into fat loosing marathon. Go slowly. You didn't get fat overnight, It took time. So have some patience, Enjoy the process.

Don't eat food that spikes up your insulin level. ie. simple carbs. Control your insulin level. Avoid food that you are allergic to.

Minimize alcohol consumption.
Drink pure, filtered water.
Avoid non-organic food.
If you keep all these points in mind and work towards your goals slowly, I can bet that you'll beat off those extra pounds and that stubborn fat in just couple of months.

Varun Pratap is helping people take the right lifestyle Decision for Health with His Website