Saturday, June 7, 2008

What Is The Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge?

By Jonathan Hottle

Can Joining The Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge Get You The Results You're Looking For?

Herbalife weight loss products and Herbalife together stand behind their products, and their ability to give you the results that you are looking for however, this article will in no way shape or for try to promote Herbalife or the Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge. Its only purpose is to educate you on the company and ways that you can take advantage of the program.

The basis of any healthy lifestyle is good nutrition and programs that ignore this fact can actually do a lot more harm than good. Trying to lose weight by depriving yourself from essential nutritious elements can lead to binging or other health related problems. There are many stories of people that lose a few pounds just to gain even more after a short while. These types of programs will not only have a negative effect on your body but could also influence your mental attitude towards weight loss in a negative way.

Choose the healthiest option

When you decide to choose weight loss by Herbalife and join the Herbalife weight loss challenge then you have the potential to loose weight and look after your health at the same time. The expertly designed system will focus on keeping you healthy while working towards your ideal weight. There is no joy in losing weight by sacrificing your health in the process.

If you deprive your body of essential nutrition you could fall victim to binging sessions due to cravings. Your body will fight to survive and if it lacks certain elements, it could cause you to crave certain foods. These cravings could be stronger than your desire to lose weight and lead to binge eating.

The advantages of Herbalife products

With the Herbalife weight loss challenge, you will get to know the products that can help you to lose weight and then to maintain your weight on a healthy level. The products that you will use are not intended to suppress your appetite or to burn fat in any unnatural way.

An essential part of a healthy lifestyle is a healthy self-image. Constant failure with get thin quick schemes can lead to depression and a negative self-image. The Herbalife weight loss challenge may be something to look into if you have tried getting too thin, too quick in the past.

Your health is in your hands

The most important factor in how to reduce weight is that the choice is yours and yours alone. Nobody else can decide to lose your weight. With proven methods and achievable goals, the challenge is a way for you to test yourself. You can set your goals and you can decide to live a healthy life. Through living a healthy life and the expertise at your disposal, losing weight can be easy.

The important thing to remember is that the Herbalife weight loss challenge is not a competition with others, it is a system designed to help you achieve your goal of looking and feeling great every day.

Jonathan Hottle is an International Grow Specialist Who Counsels Network Marketers and Home Based Business Owners On Ways To Maximize Growth In Their Organizations, And How To Build Organizations From The Ground Up. Jonathan is currently in the process of helping several Herbalife Distributors from all over the world to maximize their potential and allow them to gain financial freedom. Jonathan encourages you to visit his website to uncover the secrets to Herbalife Success. Please visit

Friday, June 6, 2008

Does Kevin Trudeau Weight Loss Plan Really Work Or Does it Not?

By Anthony Thedford

Many people are eager to lose weight but not all of them are book lovers. For those who were able to read the book of Kevin Trudeau entitled "The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You to Know About," they do not really have to ask the question, does the Kevin Trudeau weight loss plan really work? However, for those who have not read the book, this remains a question for many of them are fascinated by the popularity of the book which became New York Times #1 bestselling book. Prior to this, Trudeau also stirred the curiosity of many people when he published his book entitled Natural Cures. The book actually tells every reader that there are tricks and tactics that the government employs hand in hand with the food industry.

Trudeau suggests that the government's true intention is to really keep the citizens fat and to keep every citizen to gain weight in order to promote the food industry. Accordingly, unlike other weight loss plans, a guaranteed 100 percent success is what this book says. Does Kevin Trudeau weight loss plan really works at a 100 percent success is the question that interests people to read his book. Who would not be interested when you read the word 'guaranteed'? This word is an ever assuring word which drives people crazy about it.

There are also those who speculate and ask, "Does Kevin Trudeau weight loss plan really works"? There is actually no categorical answer to this question. Like Trudeau who distrusts the government and its ploys, there are also a number of skeptics on the weight loss plan that Trudeau wants to impart in his books. Among the comments of individuals is that Trudeau has primarily focused on his attack on the government and the food industry to the point of having a political complexion rather than just being able to present the facts on weight loss. Well there are people who want to read and devote their time on learning about weight loss plan that really works than to be educated on the ploys and the tactics of that the government employs.
Nonetheless, there are also those who attest to the effectiveness of the weight loss plans of Trudeau as those that are practical and efficient. There are a number of helpful natural diets that you would learn from Trudeau like for example the benefits of apples to regulate the blood sugar, to reduce your appetite and to enhance the detoxification process of your body. There are also parts in the book which tell you how to cure too much craving for food and impulsive eating.

Anthony Thedford has been writing information articles for years. For more information on weight loss, please visit our website at

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Does Stress Affect Weight Loss?

By Jennifer Baxt

There are many different reasons for a person to loose their appetite. Both men and women are prone to loosing their appetite due to sickness or life's stresses. Many people actually suffer such a loss of appetite that they can start to lose weight, making them fairly skinny. Such a loss in weight can lead to other health problems, including a lowered immune system. In many cases, the loss of appetite can be attributed to stress. Either life at home or life at work can become so stressful and worrisome that a person can find it difficult to relax enough to eat.

Stress is interesting in that if people didn't suffer any stress at all, nothing would get done and if people suffer too much stress it can be harmful to the mind and body. Weight loss is just one example of how too much stress can be harmful to an individual. It could be that the person is trying to get the promotion they have been waiting to get for so long, or it could be that a kid is being bullied and harassed at school to the point where the student is constantly thinking about how they are going to make it through another day. It could also be stresses a parent is suffering at home, either from a child that seems to be acting up or relations with the spouse are not promising and are slowly working their way to the situation where divorce might be the answer. The severe loss of appetite and the corresponding loss of weight can be caused by the stress created from any number of situations; even the loss of a close loved one.

When one is at a loss of how to deal with the stressful situation so that they can be more relaxed, it can greatly impact their health in a negative ways like loosing weight because they can't bring themselves to eat. It happens quite often where a person is so worried or stressed about a situation that they can't even think about food. When the worry and stress has come to such a point, it really is time that the person starts thinking about getting some help. Talking to a therapist or a counselor can be extremely helpful in that the professional can help the person address their issue(s) and then deal with it accordingly. Many people are contacting online therapists in order to ask questions or to get the help they need. Online therapy is becoming a more popular way for people to get help because they can contact a therapist from the comfort of their own home. Someone who is feeling excessively worried or stressed can easily get onto the internet, do a quick search and contact an online counselor who can help them put their worries at ease and reduce their stress. Getting this kind of help is usually beneficial because when the worries and stresses are dealt with and the person is more relaxed, they will start getting their appetite back and they can stop losing weight.

Jennifer B. Baxt, LMHC, LMFT offers online audio/video counseling as well as works with children, individuals, couples, geriatric patients, depression, bipolar, anxiety and substance abuse. Please contact Complete Counseling Solutions via email or visit our website for any further information.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Three Weight Loss Workout Mistakes to Avoid Like the Plague

By Matt Taylor

If you are reading this article... chances are you are frustrated with the lack of progress with your weight loss workout. You may also be upset that your workout program is taking a very long time in the gym or on the road.

Now... understand this... I really believe you ARE working hard... what you are not doing is working smart.

There is a difference and it truly drives me crazy to see so much effort and energy put into the workout routines with very little results to show for it.

And then of course... you get extremely frustrated and quit on it saying, "it doesn't work and I'm going to go back to my old habits and resign to my fate."

Au contraire I would say!

Not so fast... I think if you implement my advice to your workouts... you will see improvement!

My best advice for weight loss workout routines:

one) Increase the intensity of your workouts rather than do those long and boring cardio exercises which quite frankly don't cut it when you want to lose weight. And don't do those high repetition weight training. Do less with higher weights.

I would also mention that you MUST follow your nutritional plan to get the maximum efforts at the gym. If you use the ol' input/output model... what you put in your body... determines what your body puts out. Put in junk foods and you will most assuredly put out crappy workouts.

two) It bears repeating... throw the cardio workouts in the trash can where it belongs. The proof behind cardio was based on long distance jogging back in the 70s and that study is now questionable. And yes, many people still believe in long distance running and cardio will lose weight... but research has shown the very opposite. Cardio will give you very little benefits on its own. What you need to do is strength training, intense interval workouts and observing proper nutritional advice to lose body fat. And besides... doesn't cardio suck wind big time?

Sure it does! I really, really loathe cardio and aerobic exercises. It is a waste of time. It is inefficient for body fat loss.

three) I would also suggest that you alternate your workout routines. Don't stick with the same old thing each and every week. It's boring. It's unconstitutional and has been banned by 107 countries around the world.

OK. I made that up.

But the truth of the matter is... quit thinking in terms of quantity of workouts and start thinking in terms of quality of workouts. And your body is going to change much, much faster...

You will never be confused about effective fat loss again. Get rid of that orange peel thighs. Wave goodbye to those cottage cheese arms...

Once and for all, fit back into your old "thin" clothes... AND spend more time with the family because you are not wasting it on useless, long and boring cardio exercises...

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Weight Loss By Fasting

By William Resmin

Excerpt from "How and When to be Your Own Doctor." Loss of weight indicates, almost guarantees, that detoxification and healing is occurring. I can't stress this too much. Of all the things I find my patients seem to misunderstand or forget after being told, it is that they can't heal in a rapid manner without getting smaller. This reality is especially hard for the family and friends of someone who is fasting, who will say, "you're looking terrible dear, so thin.

Your skin is hanging on your bones. You're not eating enough protein or nutrient food to be healthy and you must eat more or you're going to develop serious deficiencies. You don't have any energy, you must be getting sicker. You're doing the wrong thing, obviously. You have less energy and look worse every day. Go and see a doctor before it is too late." To succeed with friends like this, a faster has to be a mighty self-determined person with a powerful ability to disagree with others. Medical personnel claim that rapid weight loss often causes dangerous deficiencies; these deficiencies force the person to overeat and regain even more weight afterward. This is largely untrue, though there is one true aspect to it: a fasted, detoxified body becomes a much more efficient digester and assimilations, extracting a lot more nutrition from the same amount food is used to eat. If, after extended fasting a person returns to eating the same number of calories as they did before; they will gain weight even more rapidly than before they stated fasting.

When fasting for weight loss, the only way to keep the weight off is to greatly reform the diet; to go on, and stay on, a diet made up largely of no starchy, watery fruits and vegetables, limited quantities of cooked food, and very limited amounts of highly concentrated food sources like cereals and cooked legumes. Unless, of course, after fasting, one's lifestyle involves much very hard physical labor or exercise. I've had a few obese faster become quite angry with me for this reason; they hoped to get thin through fasting and after the fast, to resume overeating with complete irresponsibility as before, without weight gain.

People also fear weight loss during fasting because they fear becoming anorexic or bulimic. They won't! A person who abstains from eating for the purpose of improving their health, in order to prevent or treat illness, or even one who fasts for weight loss will not develop an eating disorder. Eating disorders mean eating compulsively because of a distorted body image. Anorexics and bulimics have obsessions with the thinner-is-better school of thought. The anorexic looks at their emaciated frame in the mirror and thinks they are fat! This is the distorted perception of a very insecure person badly in need of therapy. A bulimic, on the other hand stuffs themselves, usually with bad food, and then purges it by vomiting, or with laxatives. Anorexics and bulimics are not accelerating the healing potential of their bodies; these are life threatening conditions. Fasters are genuinely trying to enhance their survival potential.

Occasionally a neurotic individual with a pre-existing eating disorder will become obsessed with fasting and colon cleansing as a justification to legitimize their compulsion. During my career while monitoring hundreds of fasters, I've known two of these. I discourage them from fasting or colon cleansing, and refuse to assist them, because they carry the practices to absurd extremes, and contribute to bad press about natural medicine by ending up in the emergency ward of a hospital with an intravenous feeding tube in their arm.

Dr. Billie is a veteran nutrition and dieting expert for the last 12 years. Do read more on Master Cleanse Diets at Master Cleanse

Monday, June 2, 2008

Permanent Weight Loss - Master the Skills and Habits Fast

By Bruce Bair

Energy balance is eating exactly enough calories to maintain your weight without gaining or losing. We want to be in energy balance at our ideal weight and body fat percentage. Some of us are and the rest of us want to be. What separates us? Why do some seem to have it so easy? They can eat anything they want, and never gain weight. That is a weight loss fallacy.

If the person eats as much as they want of anything they want and don't gain weight, they either have a disease, an eating disorder or enough activity to keep them in energy balance. Whew, long sentence! Humans gain weight when fed too much and lose it when they don't eat enough for their total energy requirements. There may be a couple of exceptions, but when I investigate closely they are usually myths.

What are the habits we need? They are habits you don't have if you are over weight. They are planning what you eat, never eating more than you plan, eating sitting down, regular exercise, sensible portions, not eating what you do not need, writing down what you eat, weighing yourself at the same time each time and in the same clothes and not starving the day before weigh in. Those are a few.

What attitudes do you need? Better self talk. Encourage yourself, don't be so hard and critical of yourself,. Don't make excuses, quit thinking it is unfair - the only fair is in the State Fair or fair weather . Start pointing out what you do right, don't magnify your flaws and ignore your strengths and accomplishments. Learn to be your best press agent. Don't hype it. Yet, don't denigrate what you do good and correct toward gaining skills, habits and attitudes that keep you in energy balance and your best weight.

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kevin Trudeau's Weight Loss Program Cure

By Anthony Thedford

He lives a very colorful life, from being an author, a pocket billiards promoter, a salesman, and a self-proclaimed alternative medicine advocate. He is called Kevin Trudeau and Kevin Trudeau's weight loss program cure is found in his book "The Weight Loss Cure 'They' don't want you to know about". Trudeau generated a lot of controversy because of his supposed deceptive claims made in the book or in the other way around, because of his opinion on the deception and the manipulation that is being employed by the government.

Among the controversies that sparked in this book is the claim in the Kevin Trudeau's Weight Loss Program Cure that Trudeau claimed that the government manipulated everything in order to encourage people to eat more than the normal and to keep the citizens constantly in need of food to promote and keep the food industry growing. Accordingly, the government wants to ensure that the food industry grows at the expense of the health and the wellness of the citizens. There is so much fuss and hype around him and his book.

This claim as contained in Kevin Trudeau's Weight Loss Program Cure has been considered by some to be libelous and considered an attack on the government. Whether or not the allegations in the book are true, the fact is that many people are becoming more and more intrigue by the book and are eager to read the entire thoughts of Trudeau. Since the publication of the book in 2007, it sparked more controversy in the field of dieting and government control on the health of the citizens and on economics. The book tries to create the notion that the health of the population can at a point be sacrificed in order to promote the economy of the nation.

Kevin Trudeau's Weight Loss Program Cure is a book that contains the three-phase multi-month plan by A.T.W.Simeons who was a British medical doctor. The book is patterned after those phases and within those phases are more specific steps. It involves breathing exercises, walking at least an hour per day, eating organic foods to clean the colon and livers. Injections of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) are given and injections are later on stopped. This book claims to permanently stop obesity and cures it quickly within 30 days. People who follow the program are said to be burning fat while sleeping.
There are readers claiming that the book is totally useless and something just like his other books. Trudeau's other books were top sellers. Other readers claim that it's a complete scam while the other side claims that his program really works. As the debate continues, his books keep on selling to people who are desperate to lose weight.

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