Friday, February 29, 2008

Extreme Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge

By Anthony Thedford

To lose weight is indeed a great challenge especially if for the past few years of your life; you have been accustomed to gain and gain pounds. The weight loss challenge is one of the challenges that not too many people have succeeded. This is because there are too many factors that contribute to the weight of the person. In fact, through time, there has not been a consensus of an all-in-one dietary plan that people can engage in order to make out a successful weight loss program. One of the most extreme fitness challenges that inspired many is the Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge. Many heeded the challenge to make great changes in their lifestyle and be able to live healthier and fitter body throughout their lifetime. Among those who successfully hurdled the challenge are the winners of the challenge.

Celeste Momin was one of the many who explored the Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge who started the challenge with a weight of 327 pounds for a height of 5 feet and 4 inches. Celeste won the championship with a whooping 202 pounds all in all of loss after the challenge. Celeste was determined to take the challenge to lose pounds and during the last stage of the challenge, she was 156 pounds in October and she lose 31 pounds in November of 2005 achieving the weight of 125 at the end of the challenge. As Celeste mentioned, the road to winning the trophy was never that easy, she had an emergency surgery which prevented her to exercise for five weeks. Nonetheless, Celeste ha proven that the determination to lose weight is one of the values that you should keep in order to successfully get rid of those unwanted weights in your body.

The second runner up winner weighs 260 pounds during the start of the challenge and was at size 24. She mentioned how embarrassed she was then to appear in public with her obese structure. She started with the ultimate protein plus program and her first result was a 20-pound reduction in her weight. She started to regain her self confidence and she ended with a total of 85 pounds reduction or a size 12 dress size. Another beautiful story of one of those who took the challenge was that of a pretty 22-year old girl who had a weight of 192 pounds and had her obesity as the only obstacle for her to join beauty contests. Many of her attempts to lose weight failed and for the challenge she lost 62 pounds and was able to join and win the Miss Fotogenia in a 130-pound structure.

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