Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Super Easy Healthy Weight Loss Plan

By Shane M. Wilson

As our world population grows, we face many crisis' that have never surfaced before. This is the problem of obesity, something that is becoming more and more common all of the time. There are a few reasons why this issue is on the rise. The first problem is that we are often busy and neglect to consume balanced meals at regular intervals. We go from the corner fast food restaurant to the vending machines in an attempt to keep going throughout the day. Secondly, our busy schedules do not allow us the time to really exercise as we should. It is hard to get into a healthy weight loss plan within our lives which is why the following method may just help you.

This is not a flash in the pan healthy weight loss plan, it is going to take some planning on your behalf. There is no room for the faint of will, you will need to be resilient in your efforts if your going to make this work. This plan is a two step process that begins with a cleanse and ends with a healthy way of eating. If you follow this plan you will lose fat quickly and keep it off as long as you abide by the plan.

The best way to start this particular healthy weight loss plan is with the master cleanse. There is plenty of material that is available on this particular fast. You can do it anywhere from three days up to ten days or more. I personally have experienced a ten day master cleanse which helped to clear my body of all of its food addictions. This will put you in a much better position to be able to choose healthier foods once it is complete.

After your fast, you will no doubt want to retain the good feeling that you have as a result of your body getting the right type of things that it needs. The best way that you can do this is by eating a high raw food diet. This diet involves consuming organic vegetables and fruits throughout the day whenever you become hungry. It is a good practice to eat every two to three hours as the day progresses. This will help speed up your body's metabolism turning it into a fat burning machine.

Something else you want to consider is integrating high intensity interval training. The way that you do this is by doing some form of exercise, typically running for one minute. After the minute is up you walk for two minutes. You will want to continue this interval training for approximately 25 minutes. If you incorporate this into your healthy weight loss plan then the pounds will come of at a much quicker pace.

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