Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fake Weight Loss Claims : Identify Them

Author: Jasdeep

Identify Fake Weight Loss Claims :

Its crowded..really crowded..every other site offers Weight Loss Programs and guarantees loss ofweight quickly and effectively. But do they really live upto it? Does Loss of Weight remains with time or the individual regains the weight after some time? The answer to these question differentiates between genuine Weight Loss Programs and fake Weight Loss Programs .

Things to Watch out for :

1) One product cant serve the needs of all people. Programs which claim to work for all types of masses is BIG NO.

Tip: Look out for programs which reads your body needs and body structure and how your Metabolism works .

2) Programs which assures permanent Weight Loss , even after you don't use the product . Mark it Fake.

Tip: You have to follow the Diet Plan and exercise on daily basis . Walking or Jogging daily helps a lot.

3) Programs which allows you to eat anything you want. Believe me this is fake also. How can you on this earth remain fit by eating anything or everything you want.

Tip: You need to take a BALANCED DIET with proper amount of calories , fat and other nutrients.

4) Be careful with programs that claim to reduce more than two pounds a week.Such programs will disturb your Metabolism and digestive system to great extent

Tip: Loose upto 1 or 2 Pound Per week.

Programs which have products that are to be applied on body or something like that will NEVER
NEVER work for you.

Tip: The best and the most successful way to loose weight is to follow a Diet Plan and Exercise daily. Get a free Diet Plan for your body right here at

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Friday, October 10, 2008

The Epidemic Must End: Learn How To Lose Weight

Author: Mike True

In this great nation where you and I live we are seeing the newest diet fads coming along, claiming to be the only way to fix the ever-increasing obesity epidemic. It is hard to tell the good advice from the bad and those that do not work or are unhealthy.

This nation does have a problem. This epidemic comes with a rise in heart disease, diabetes, highblood pressure, and so on. It is time for you and I to take control of our lives and do something about it.

I have a very good idea for the reasons behind this epidemic in our nation, but that is another article.

Food is am important part of our lives. It comforts us, we use it to entertain, to show off our cookingskills and to survive. You and I just need to refocus better on why and when we consume it and do it in a more nutritious and smarter way. We can still enjoy all the foods we love, but just need to pay a little closer attention to our consumption. We just need to know when to start and when to stop.

Then there is the exercise part that we have no time to do. I am guilty of driving around the parking lot for 15 minutes looking for the parking place 30 feet closer to the door. I see others doing it everyday, so I'm not the only lazy one in the world. How lazy is that though? I am not parking in the back of the lot on purpose now so I can walk just a little more.

It is a mind set we need to get in. The mind is the most important part. We have to train our mind to want, to need, and to make us do things we need to start doing automatically so we can start to live healthy, full, good lives.

So what you and I need to do is: - Eat right, which is consume more healthy foods in the right proportions and just a little less of the foods that are not good and that we have learned to love. -Squeeze in some sort of physical activities, or exercise. Just walk a little more is a good start. - Think a little smarter and get into the right mindset.

Smart food choices are simple. Your body needs food for energy and food helps speed up your metabolism. Starving yourself only will slow down your metabolism and cause you to lose energy and your body will not burn off the calories as quickly.

Our diet must consist of all kinds of foods to function properly. We need carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Everybody's friend, complex carbohydrates, like wheat bread, bran cereals, legumes, and vegetables give us energy and make us think a little better or more clearly.

Proteins, that are in many foods like grains, beans, fish, and poultry make our bones, cartilage, muscles, blood and skin stronger and better.

Fats that are naturally found in nuts, oils, fish are also much needed.

We also demand plenty of water. The best way to eat, is to eat all day. Not stuff your face all day, but a good breakfast, a good healthy lunch, and a good healthy dinner. Small proportions of good healthy food of every kind. You also need to squeeze in snacks between those meals, good snacks. Don't get too hungry before eating and don't overeat when you do. This will keep your metabolism in good running order.

Being busy and not having enough time to eat right is a bad excuse. If you don't eat right you will lose precious energy, not be able to think fast and right, and will end up wasting a lot of time.

Shopping right is where it all starts. You don't need the canned foods, or processed foods for a quick meal. Frozen vegetables are flash frozen and are fine, and still have all the nutrients. When you cook them though, please don't boil them to death. Just steam them for a few minutes. If they get over 115 degrees they lose their important nutrients. If you boil them to death, throw them away and just drink the water, it's better for you. Frozen fruit is also a good one. There's nothing like a fruit smoothie. A perfect breakfast is a couple of eggs on whole grain bread, and a bowl of fruit. You get your protein with the eggs, your carbs with the bread, and a good start on some nutrients. There are so many good quick and easy meals that are good for you. The ones that take all day and night to prepare and cook are usually not good for you. Sure they taste great, but are loaded with things you don't need and you end up eating too much, because you are sampling while you cook. Buy plenty of fruits, vegetables, low fat yogurts, packages of dried fruit for smacks, fish, poultry, legumes, eggs, low fat milk, bran cereals, whole grain bread and things like that. You can make some quick easy meals that are very good for you. Plan ahead, make a list and stick to it. Don't shop when you are hungry either, I'm sure you've heard that before.

You and I have to help end this epidemic in our nation. Let's start with ourselves, and our families, and then our families will spread it to their families and friends. We can do it. Just get in the right mindset, park far away from where you need to go and walk, and eat right all day long. It's just that simple

Mike True is an ex-overweight person that has been on almost every weight loss plan for the past 20 years. He has learned a lot and is now teaching others how to live a healthy and better life while still eating all the foods they enjoy and still lose weight. Learn more at

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fat Loss 4 Idiots - How To Lose Belly Fat

Author: Jen Jordan

Fat loss 4 idiots is the best thing that happened in dieting and losing weight. I have always had weight problems and as a solution, I tried many diet programs before. I have lost a couple of pounds before only to find them back in a couple of months. That is when I discovered this weight loss program. If you are on the verge of desperation and disappointment, you better finish reading this article on Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

I think I know what you are thinking about. You want to know if Fat Loss for Idiots really does work. Yes I can read your mind. It takes one to know one. From all the disappointments I¡¯ve had from my previous diet programs, it¡¯s no wonder I get skeptic to all other diet programs. But would you believe that after the first week, I lost over 4 pounds. Now I know this doesn¡¯t seem like a lot but to me it was a great start. The best part was I didn¡¯t feel hungry at all.

Weight Loss for Idiots is what this diet plan is also called because you not only loss weight but you lose fat as well. You will understand the importance of lean proteins, fruits, and veggies in your diet. Fat Loss 4 Idiots¡¯ diet plan is made up of four healthy meals you eat every after 2 and a half hours. The best part is that you dont have to count calories or carbs and you don¡¯t have to limit yourself to specific portion sizes.

Weight Loss 4 Idiots is so easy even your baby sister can follow it. By following the plan for 11 days, you¡¯re all set up. After that, there is a 3 day grace period where you can cheat a little and then you do the 11 day plan again. Fat loss for idiots is that easy. You also get an informative hand book so you¡¯ll learn the basics of how and how not to eat, and the important aspects of setting your goals to lose weight.

So you are probably wondering if you have to exercise with the Weight Loss for Idiots diet plan right? As always, dieting does not work without the exercise. Fat Loss 4 Idiots does recommend that you get at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. Walking is my passion so I do it everyday. If it was cold or rainy, I walked our local mall.

The reason I wrote this informative review on Fat Loss for Idiots was to help you, the readers, understand what the Fat Loss 4 Idiots plan was like. This is also to give you an idea of how simple it is to follow, both the diet and the exercise program. If you are like me, who almost lost all hope in losing weight, then I am hopeful that this fat loss for idiots review has helped you.

About the Author:

With Fat Loss For Idiots remaining overweight is no longer your fate. You can now become thinner and lose 9 pounds of unsightly fat every 11 day with Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet system. Check out

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This is how to lose weight, be fit & get the body you want!

Author: Grigor D.

This is how to lose weight, be fit & get the body you want! Written by Grigor D.; Author of "Weight Loss Made Easy"

9th of March 2008

I am about to explain to you the secret on how to achieve all your goals and dreams, be it weight loss, six pack, diet, fitness or otherwise. Actually, if people took some time to think about it they would come to this same conclusion themselves, but with our busy lives often silence and meditation is pushed to one side. Now, I have done that for you and I am offering you completely for free this knowledge.

Here is how its done.

First, understand that most people think of themselves as ¡°me¡± or ¡°one person¡±. Of course this is correct in a way, but in order to accomplish a task, such as losing weight quickly or getting that six pack dream you must start thinking of yourself as the sum of 3 entities:

¬ Your body¬ Your mind¬ Your spirit

And who are you? You are the God of those and it is you who decides what will happen and how will it happen and what will be the outcome. That¡¯s right, your only job is to make the decision. For example, if you want to lose weight fast and have those nice abs showing, then all you have to do as ¡°step #1¡± is DECIDE that this WILL HAPPEN. There is no ¡°maybe¡±, there is no ¡°what if¡±. Your decision is FINAL.

Next, I explain to you in practice what happens and how it works.

The Mind


You use the mind to perform psychological functions. I.e. to motivate your body and your spirit to accomplish their tasks. The motto of your mind is "do something every day to reach your goal" and you must use your mind many times per day to check if the body and the spirit have in fact done their job. I.e. You ask yourself: ¡°have I done something today to get me closer to my goals?¡± and you ask this to yourself many times per day.

Your mind also has to realise and clearly explain to your whole being why you want to lose weight, why

you want to have nice abs, be fit or whatever your goal is. This ¡°why?¡± has to be answered very clearly and you must use your mind to remind yourself (your body and spirit) every day why you want what you want.


Print as big a picture of whatever you want to achieve (great body, boyfriend/girlfriend, money, whatever). Helps to put it in a frame. Then put it in the place where you will see it a lot. Put up a wallpaper on your computer of the same thing. Want it. This helps your with remembering and reminding yourself and not losing focus.

The Body


Wishing and choosing alone gets you only part way. Use your body to do everything possible every day to move yourself a little bit closer to your goal. This means, if you want a great body, do something every day (MOVE, do exercise, activity, eating healthier, etc) which will bring you closer to your goal. This does not mean you have to beat up yourself every day, because then you will over train and get injured. Listen to your body¡¯s response. Push your body, but if you instinctively feel you can not do more or you must take a break ¨C do take that break and do sleep 8 hours a day because the body needs the rest to build muscles and recover. Never train more than 2 days in a row with weights. Cardio can be done daily (minimum 60 minutes as fat starts burning only after 30-45 minutes). The body needs energy to accomplish its task. This means eating every 3-4 hours, however, never more than 300 calories per eating. That¡¯s roughly a small piece of meat with vegetables or an omelette with sausages and mushrooms with a glass of juice or a bowl of fruits such as grapes. This also does not mean you have to eat all that. If one apple makes you feel satisfied, stop there. Listen to your body ¨C always!

The Spirit


Spirit gives the inspiration; it gives you your wings. Be it the music which inspires or a day dream which brings you to the highest of the mountains and to fantasy worlds. Spirit is what enables you to accomplish so much more than what you thought you were capable of. Close your eyes and dream while your body is exercising (elliptical bike, stationary bike, weight lifting, ab crunches). Inspire the body and mind with the joined effect of your spirit with your favourite music which will rock you to your core and move you to rise to heights you never thought possible for yourself! If your are sitting in a chair, its your spirit which will excite your mind to motivate your body to MOVE!


Music. This is priceless motivator. Get your headphones with the best music you like. Go for a walk, or jogging or gym or jump around and dance silly.

So as you see, once you grasp that you need to respect your whole being, then there are no goals you can not reach, no mountain you can not climb. Use your mind, body and spirit, be fit, be healthy, lose weight, feel great and happy and radiate your newfound energy to others around you.

Good luck and thank you!

Fast Weight Loss That Matters

Author: Priya S

Excessive weight in a person may be because of heredity or genetic factors which is beyond theanyone¡¯s control, it may also be a result of the person¡¯s food eating habits, life style, the nature of work and activities the person routinely engages in, etc. Except in cases of genetic disorders or heredity, generally people gain weight over a long period of time and with reasonable awareness towards your well-being there is generally no reason for you to look for ways to achieve fast weight loss.

Excess weight condition matters; so weight loss also matters. Why should fast weight loss matter? And for whom does the fast rate matter?

There are two categories of people who look for fast weight loss methods - those who are very obese and have recently become conscious of danger to their health and those who are taken in by thosevery ¡°alluring but misleading¡± advertisements showing that you could achieve mirror breaking looks and killing figure and features by following the slimming courses for two or three weeks.

Health experts agree that an average person can lose about 1 to 2 pounds of weight per week by adopting correct eating habits and doing reasonable exercises. This is a safe and healthy amount to lose; the results achieved are long lasting this way without any adverse effects. By adopting additional safe methods such as use of Proactol, a fat binder OTC product, you may be able to lose safely about 2 to 3 pounds per week; that itself would be high weight loss rate. The result you will get will definitely be satisfactory.

Many people are very keen on losing weight at much higher rate - something like 10 to 15 pounds a week. However take a moment to think. Do you gain weight at anything like 10 to 15 pounds a weeksteadily? Answer is big ¡°NO¡±. You don't because your body cannot gain weight in that proportion. And if your body cannot add weight at that rate, it will not be able to lose at that rate either without ill effects. This should be properly understood by everyone keen on loosing weight to become more attractive and fit.

By going on a starvation diet to lose weight at an unrealistic rate, all that you manage to lose is yourmuscles, body fluids - water - , your sleep and money, of course! You could do more harm to your body than good doing this. Achieving fast weight loss is violating the natural rhythm of your body. Quite often it is seen that such drastic results of weight loss achieved are equally rapidly rolled back and in fact you would gain more weight over a period of time.

On the contrary, there are those cases of extreme obesity whose need for faster weight loss may be reasonable because of health concerns. Bariatric surgery may be the only answer to the prayer of these obese patients. In these weight loss surgery techniques, called gastric bypass and laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding ("Lap Band"), the capacity of the stomach is surgically reduced or limited. This limits the quantity of food the patient is able to eat. This automatically restricts the tendency of the body to have a craving for food and also restricts weight gain. Most of the persons are able to return to their normal work after a few weeks.

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